Nextcloud takes all of my RAM

So we are in the same boat there.

This is my suspicion, yes.

I would personally only use a Raspberry Pi 4 for a 1-user Nextcloud install (as they are very reasonably cheap, and a good value for what you get), and yes, I would put NC 17 on it at this time. And this is with the Nextcloud data dir and DB moved out to some decently fast USB3-attached storage.

A Raspberry Pi 3 is just a little too slow for comfort, even for 1 user (and I’ve tried it), I say. I would personally use a Raspberry Pi 3 for, say, a Pi-Hole.

Ok thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

Hi all,

So the only idea I have left (except buying a Raspberry Pi 4) is to try migrating from version 18 to version 17. Is it easily feasible with docker? If I just change the image tag but keep the same docker volumes, will it work?

I think I managed to limit the RAM usage by changing the MPM configuration of Apache (in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mpm_prefork.conf):

# prefork MPM
# StartServers: number of server processes to start
# MinSpareServers: minimum number of server processes which are kept spare
# MaxSpareServers: maximum number of server processes which are kept spare
# MaxRequestWorkers: maximum number of server processes allowed to start
# MaxConnectionsPerChild: maximum number of requests a server process serves

<IfModule mpm_prefork_module>
	StartServers			 2
	MinSpareServers		  2
	MaxSpareServers		 3
	MaxRequestWorkers	  3
	MaxConnectionsPerChild   0

The default values were way too high for my Raspberry Pi 3. For instance, when loading the Photos tab, one Apache process takes 150 MB. With the default values, Apache tries to run up to 150 processes. I reduced it to 3, which is the maximum my Raspberry can handle. As a consequence, loading the Photos page for instance is very slow, but at least now my server doesn’t crash. The other pages load well, because they contain less heavy files.

To conclude, I agree with @esbeeb on the fact that a Raspberry Pi 3 might not be enough to use Nextcloud comfortably. I don’t think it is related to the version of Nextcloud, it is just a matter of configuring Apache accordingly to the server’s capacity, which is weak in my case.

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Remark : I calculated the number of workers based on the RAM usage when loading the Photos page, but I notice that on other pages a worker doesn’t take much RAM. So I might use more than 3 workers.

For Nextcloud 17, I personally wouldn’t buy a Raspberry Pi 4 either. I would suggest a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad X230 at least. These can be bought with an i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM for $142 USD plus shipping (where I live). The i5 CPU would be a quantum leap in performance over a Raspberry Pi 4. Maybe toss in an SSD, and you’d have true SATA speeds and reliability.

You get so much more all-around horsepower for just a little more money.

Your efforts to fine tune Nextcloud are commendable, but there comes a point where just “going with the flow” (of Nextcloud being designed to expect more horsepower) will save you time and hassle, and be well worth that bit more money.

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