Nextcloud Snap users, please list the issues you're facing



And I did try changing the folder permissions temporarily (to 777) but that didn’t work either and changing them (/var/snap/nextcloud/12142) back to 755 seems to have stopped uploads completely.

For now I’ve only added two files both set to 640 (apparently folders should be 750 and files 640). Both of these are not showing up on the client side (but are definitely in the right folder alongside two other files uploaded via the client which are showing up).


For me, it installs fine and I can reach the http site. But when I “snap Nextcloud.enable-https custom -s cert.crt key.csr”. it successfully installs the ssl cert files but there is an error when restarting apache. Apache shows as inactive. I have then disabled https but apache remains inactive. I also tried enable https with each ssl file renamed to .pem

A message I get is that the is a syntax error at line 69 of ssl.conf. cert.pem is either missing or empty.

I entered /var/snap/nextcloud/11891/certs/live. The cert file is present. I then open it and it has the same key as our custom .crt file. So it is neither missing nor empty. And the path on line 69 of ssl.conf points to the location where cert.pem is located.


You’re more likely to get help logging issues on the project itself.