Nextcloud Snap users, please list the issues you're facing

Where is the documentation? For instance, how would you configure it to only listen one interface using this snap?

Without creating your own snap, you wouldn’t be able to define your own vhost, so the snap would be reachable via all your interfaces. You can use your DNS to point to the IP of the interface you want to use though.

Change the max upload size via web-gui is not possible —> “missing permissions to edit from here”.

(Nextcloud Box with pre-installed Snappy Ubuntu Core running on Raspberry PI 2)

That’s correct, but the default is set to 10GB I believe, which should be OK for most users.

I managed to build my own snap. Thank you for the advice!

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That’s awesome, well done!

Hello oparoz,
first i am new to nextcloud snap,
please give me some info how to change data directory to an usb flash drive for example after installing nextcloud snap .

i have installed ubuntu core on my raspberry pi 3 and snap install nextcloud.

thanks !

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cant get to first login. connection refused by device.

Ubuntu LTS 16.04 LTS 4.4.0-1027-raspi2 armv71

via SSH:
sudo snap install nextcloud

install completes

go to another machine on network open browser
connection refused

I have the exact same problem on a Pi2.
I’m running Ubuntu LTS 16.04 LTS 4.4.0-1027-raspi2 armv71
Looks like an apache Problem to me… Any Ideas?


The log often give me 2 kind of error:
a Fatal Webdav and a PHP error … see picture below for details :

any ideas ?

I have created a letsencrypt certificate for my VPS before I installed the nextcloud snap. After installing the nextcloud snap I cannot access Nextcloud startpage, the Apache startpage is displayed instead. Is there something I have to configure first?

You need to mount your drive in /media and then configure files_external to point to it.

Both your VPS and the snap use port 443. You need to disable Let’s Encrypt in your VPS.

Thanks for your answer. So I cannot run other stuff on my VPS with https enabled if I use Nextcloud snap? Or can I assign a different port to Nextcloud?

No, you need to use a reverse proxy to manage all your virtualhosts and backends.

Hmm, is there an easy way to do so? Or is it in this case better to use a standard installation?

You have to understand how virtual hosts or reverse proxies work.
If you’re only familiar with the former, then a snap may not be for you if you intend on running many services on the same VM.

thanks , i thought is another way to move default data on other storage .

The problem is that the snap is contained, so it doesn’t have easy access to other locations.

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OK, I will try to get familiar with it

how to update over official updater app ?

here is my error of permissions