Nextcloud raspberry pi desktop client

Hi community,

has somebody compiled the nextcloud client source for raspberry pi? I have the nextcloud runnin’ on RPi3 under Raspbian and plan to integrate my sons RPi3-‘Workstation’ :slight_smile: to the cloud services. Any ideas highly appreciated.

Please have a look @ my blog: nextcloud desktop client

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Thanks a lot, Carsten - I gonna check this at one of the next weekends to have it applied to Raspian.

Hi @riegerCLOUD,

thank you very much for your tutorial. It helped me a lot to get start into this. The Raspbian demands some adaptions during the installation. I documented my installation process on my blog for Raspbian Jessie with Pixel running on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I hope it helps @WiBerry and some other Nextclouders.

All the best from Berlin,

Danke und Grüße in meine Heimat … thx, you are welcome!