Nextcloud introduces Virtual Drive in Desktop Client to simplify desktop integration


This is a great feature and I can’t wait to try it in the Linux client when it’s available!

I vote for retaining both paradigms. As an example, pCloud, which I also use, supports both the cached virtual drive and hard-synced folder paradigms. It allows the flexibility to have a core set of folders that you always want synced, while allowing lower priority or lesser-used stuff to come and go. For me, the example is my core document and development directories, which I always want fully synced, and then hundreds of GB of camera raw files, which I definitely don’t want burdening all of my systems and would want those to be on-demand and cached, so I don’t need to manually sync and unsync them, as they are distributed in a multi-level directory hierarchy comprising dozens of folders.



I do not get any advantage from virtual drive in my use case and rely on folder sync to manage document retention and navigation structures. I can see how it is convenient for some use cases and may provide conceptual clarity for some users, but I rely on folder sync. I’m sure there would be ways around the loss of such core functionality (symlinks etc, I suppose) but that starts making RSYNC look easier to manage.



I need to remove the beta client, because it started creating random folders in the root of the user, while crashing all the time.



For this, a bug should be filed. Do you have example names of those folders, or logs from the beta client? Any hints on how to get it to recur?



do I need to start that with a specific parameter, or is the log already dumped somewhere?



Looks like you’ll have to use one of several different parameters. If it were me, I’d probably use ---logdir <directory> together with --logexpire <hours>. I’d then add in a --logdebug if there’s no discernible pattern.

I know it can help tremendously to have logs, so thanks for taking your time to do this!



t’s broken for me on Windows 10 latest Build.
Doken is successfully installed but seconds later nextcloud it says windows installer cannot open this package.
And the sync is halted on Waiting for sync… Please Advise.

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@jospoortvliet Would Be Nice if the Virtual Drive has this functionality as well.

File Locking – Easy Collaboration

Virtual Drive will automatically lock a file (aka check-out file) in the server for editing. When a file lock is in place, others will not be able to save the file, preventing any conflicting changes to the file.

This will help a lot with conflict Files.

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Same problem bro.



Owncloud has introduced this with 10.1 … normally this will be copied by the devs here quickly.



It’s more than a month since the preview announcement, is there any roadmap or any further hope to make this feature possible?

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an roadmap when it is planned to be available for daily use would be awesome. I know open source didn’t work that way, but for customers it is importend to give feedback when stuff will be available.



Great feature. I am very excited about the upcoming linux version :+1: