Nextcloud Integration with SharePoint

I am trying to connect Nextcloud with my organization Sharepoint. I thougth it was easy but I have some problems.

I am using this configuration

Authentication: username and password
Document Library: sites://files/site-name/mydoclib
username: my user
pw: my pw

I got the directory
I upload the file but it does not appear in the directory
in sharepoint there is not the file
if I upload the file in sharepoint, it does not appear in nextcloud

I tryied other solution like

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Hi Christian,

SharePoint isn’t really a home user or small business tech so chances for a reply here are slim as the forum is for home users and small businesses… If you need this your chances are best with Nextcloud Enterprise.

Hi Christian,

I’m also struggling with the sharepoint backend configuration.
I only have access to the URL of the sharepoint site that I can use to browse the files in the browser. Can I derive the values for Host and Document Library from the URL that I use to access sharepoint files in the browser?

Or somehow via the Sync Now button in the sharepoint site?

Kind regards,

I have the same problem and found that this is already discussed at

Setting up External Storage for Sharepoint Online - :information_source: Support - Nextcloud community

Can this be marked as duplicate?

well the other thread was later so the other one was the duplicate :wink: but well by bringing out the link to this other thread here it got connected to the other thread at the same time.

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