Nextcloud html interface trash in always empty - in Android or iOS app not

I had to move my nextcloud 27 instance to a new server due to elevated error rates on the original servers ssd. This all worked nicely, with the exception of the trashbin, which shows always empty in the html interface. I can trash files there, and they are visible in the trashbin if I use the iOS or Android apps. I looked through the error logs, and did not find anything related to files or trashbin. Does anyone have any pointers what to investigate?

So is the new server running the latest v27 release or latest v28 release?

If it’s v28, it’s a known issue and been fixed, but won’t appear until v28.0.3.

No, I stayed with version I had, which is 27.1.6. I wanted to avoid to many variables for the migration,

Should be fixed in 27.1.7