Nextcloud download mirrors sites?

are there any mirror sites for download?

I am trying to upgrade from 19.0.3 -> 19.0.4, but it timed out on Step 4.

I think it would speed up the download if I can retrieve it from a site that is closer to me geographically.

ALSO (and perhaps this might be for another thread), I pre-downloaded “” and stuffed it in <nextcloud_data>/updater_XXXX/downloads folder before started the upgrade routine…but looks like Step4 ignored that file that I’ve put there and wants to grab another copy…perhaps this could be a place of improvement as well (simply validate the hash file of the ZIP to confirm it’s legit.)

Thoughts anybody?


Hi, I’d also be interested if it’s possible to manually download the zip from another location onto the nextcloud server and have the upgrade process use it without downloading again.

@copenhaus after you put the zip into <nextcloud_data>/updater_XXXX/downloads, did you make sure the zip was owned by www-data (or what your webserver user is) and permissions were set correctly? PS: haven’t done any tests for this yet, just something that thought is worth asking.

funny that I went from 19.0.3 to 19.0.4 by pre-downloading first (yes, chown to www-data:www-data) and it worked!

That was a huge discussion about that. * - connectivity issues

Short answer: you can always use Github as mirror:

Long answer:

We kind of “find-out” that currently there is no default feature that’s enables this “pre download” --> It will be deleted by default if you do this: * - connectivity issues

So there is a ticket in github and solution for it (but not implemented)

If you fails, you can always use this workaround:

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