Nextcloud desktop client with support for multiple nextclouds / accounts


as we move forward in usage of cloud-powered services, we have more files. And maybe we’re involved in more than one project. For exampe. I have my private nextcloud, an ownCloud at work and another nextcloud for the project.

It might be a great option to add multi-user / multi-cloud support to the nextcloud desktop client (I am using the OS X version) to support more than one nextcloud instance. I have the following ideas:

  • prioritites (my business account has a higher priority, because I can only acces the ownCloud when I am at the office network, and the files are much smaller than in my private nextcloud)
  • storage settings (where to store files: user defined folder, maybe a dedicated nextcloud folder inside the documents folder, every nextcloud / ownCloud account gets an own sub-folder with its own files)

Let me know what you think!

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The owncloud desktop client already supports multiple accounts and storage settings (you can link the whole cloud into one folder or select single folders to be linked with just a part of the cloud.

The OC client currently works with Nextcloud but there are also plans for an own client.

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currently I have 2 accounts logged in with my nextcloud client. My main problem is that even if they are simultaneosly logged in, it seems that the client syncs those two accounts one after the other.

Is it possible to synchronize both accounts in parallel?

Thanks for any help!

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Any news on this?
Is it possible to sync them at the same time?

Just a Q does it sync somehow together or do you need to “go to” the other account?

It works like a charm. You have multiple tabs in the syncclient, and everything is synced in parallel. Just try it.

Yes I’ll but the thing is that then I need to install Nextcloud as I’m using Seafile now.
The only thing that I’m thinking about now is if I can have the Nextcloud system on a SSD and the Nextcloud storage on a HDD.

I don’t think it does. It syncs all folders successively. Syncing of one account is stalled while it works on a different one. That’s a bit of a problem when one account syncs a truly huge file and meanwhile stalls all others.

You do realise, that you are replying to a 2 year old post?

Well it`s a searial process. If your workload exceed your internet bandwidth, maybe split your “truley huge files” into smaller ones.

Sorry for beeing cocky, but this kind of “it doesn`t do everything in no time, without any further expaination” questions are getting out of hand latley.

You do realise, that you are replying to a 2 year old post?

Yes. Unfortunately, the issue still hasn’t been improved.

Well it`s a searial process.

Indeed it is. That’s why I responded. Because above you had written that “everything is synced in parallel”, which it isn’t.

If your workload exceed your internet bandwidth,

What I wrote about is the exact reverse, my internet bandwidth exceeding the speed of the server. That is, there would be enough bandwidth left to sync another account in parallel.

Sorry for beeing cocky, but this kind of “it doesn`t do everything in no time, without any further expaination” questions are getting out of hand latley.

I am not sure what you mean. Don’t you agree that the ability to sync several accounts in parallel would be an improvement? BTW, I have submitted a feature request in October.

I don’t think that this is the single most important improvement Nextcloud needs, but generally speaking, my experience is that most of the support requests I get are related to issues with the desktop client, and a lot of the requests are not fixable by non-technical users on their own, so I would think that there should be a stronger focus on the desktop client. During a recent presentation of Nextcloud Hub, Frank Karlitschek said something to the effect that a fully overhauled desktop client was to be released in the near future. That’s definitely something I am looking forward to!

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Ok, we must differentiate here: The original OP was asking for support for multiple accounts in the NC Client. This was solved in Post #2 as it aleready exists, i was merely mentioning that you can have 2 or more accounts in paralell.

You on the other hand have a specific workflow and expect the sync operations to be a truly parallel process, which it isn`t, i´ll give you that, however the context is different.

I agree, that in your circumastances as written in your FR it would make sense, and maybe it wouldnt cost a huge amount of time to implement it. Since i can guess that not a lot of people are having the issue, the devs probably don`t see it as a huge painpoint, and/or your FR was looked over for some reason, since it doesnt appear to be closed.

Please follow up on github, the devs didn´t respond, but neither did you post anything in 6 Month.

Can you please explain how you end up with such a slow server? I´m really curious, this is your true issue, nontheless i see your problem and your FR has some validity to me, so i will follow up it here on your behalf, since this is the wrong thread for this, and you do so in Github, ok?

I cannot figure out how to add a second account to the desktop client anymore.
I have had this set up in the past but now I cannot find the button anymore.
Help, please. :slight_smile:

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Same here!

It seems we have a bug. How to add second nextcloud account?

On my nextcloud 19 version, in the mail app, on the bottom left you’ve got “parameters” icon, when you open it, you have a “add new account” button :

I hope it helps…

Yes it’s a really annoying bug.
I found a way around - totally by chance :slight_smile:

You have to open Settings, and while that window is open THEN add a new account.

I do use " Version 3.1.2 (macOS). " on the client and it ssems strait forward.
Click on the arrow down next to the left of the interface of the client.

I had an other question about the client, consistent with the title of this thead:

Is it possible to sync the same directory with 2 servers, and expecting that the sync does what would be expected.

If file change on server 1 it is propagated to the client then to server 2.
If the file change on the client, then it is updated on server 1 and server 2. …

This as an effect in terms of redundancy of the information stored, and it enables to be robust to a server shutdown or absence due to access issue for example.

edit your nextcloud.cfg
in ~/.config/Nextcloud

  • add the same structure as for “0” and replace “0” with “1”
    change - whatever you need
  • local path
  • server version
  • url
  • user

Thank @ferdiga , I known that and did it but when run nextcloud-client, it returns something like Session on with account xxx is closed (my translation from french message).
And of course, it is a workaround. Why “account” button was removed (we can show this button on old client version : ) ?
I use ubuntu Jammy (22.04) OS and I also test to add connection in parameters->on line account, but it doesn’t change anything

The desktop 3.5.1 offers a big “+” under the existing accounts after clicking the docked icon