Nextcloud desktop client 3.2 with status feature and Virtual Files available now

Congratulations to all who worked on the 3.2 release. From reading the forums I get the impression that the virtual file system is not yet available for Linux. Will it be in the nightly builds? I’d like to do what I can to help test.

Also, will this virtual file system take away our ability to use sync as it is currently implemented? I use it with E2EE to mirror my home folder across a few different computers. I prefer the actual files to be available for several reasons.

Finally, can I choose E2EE when using the virtual file system. My rule is it doesn’t sit on a server unless it’s encrypted before it leaves my local machine.

Thanks again!

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No, currently only windows. Please reread the announcement once more. There you will read:

No, see screenshot in announcement (there is a checkbox).

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Very good. You have another committed tester. I look forward to helping. Thank you.

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Looks like Show different Icon during checking for changes · Issue #619 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub is still not fixed (because it’s still open)? IMO this is a serious issue, can lead to data loss.

I’m not sure I understand your answer. I haven’t talked about a Windows version.

For people looking to test and play with this on Linux and Mac OS X:
You can set the configuration option in nextcloud.cfg: showExperimentalOptions=true.
Then you will be able to also see the setting for virtual files and you can enable it.

However, because we don’t have file manager integration yet, it works a bit simpler. All files are replaced by an empty file with the .nextcloud extension. There are no correct icons or thumbnails and the file sizes are shown as 0 bytes. But when you click the file, it gets downloaded and opened and with a right-click you can configure things.

Help with testing this is of course very welcome. For Mac OS there are API’s in the system for us to connect to, this is simply a matter of some work. For Linux, we are talking to the biggest desktop teams (GNOME and KDE) about a way to make their file managers aware of the virtual files and show appropriate metadata.

As always, input and contributions super welcome!


My post wasn’t an answer to yours. Just a comment for other users.

When multiple file sharing will be ???

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Hi, I tried to enable the virtual files feature on macOS Big Sur with the line you gave but I have the status icon but no way to access these virtual files.

EDIT: the post above does not specify it but in order for virtual files to be enabled on macOS you also need to set showExperimentalOptions=true in nextcloud.cfg

same here…

Turns out, I made a mistake. You have the right one, it was ‘showExperimentalOptions’, not ‘enableExperimentalOptions’… Thanks - fixed it :wink:

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Hi Julijus,

You mean if/when you can select multiple files and share them at once? That’s not really on the todo list from what I can tell - if you need to share multiple files, put them in a folder and share it.

Killer feature ! I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Thank you for making it happen :cowboy_hat_face:

Looks great, but I do have a query regarding this:

I currently have several Nextcloud folders set to be ‘Synchronizing with local folder’ on the Windows Desktop client. However, these folders also appear when enabling ‘Enable virtual file support…’.

How do I remove them from there? Changes don’t need to be checked multiple times, and the VFS for those particular folders is redundant in that scenario if it’s already set to sync every file within specific folders locally.

Hopefully it’s just something I’ve overlooked in the UX than a shortcoming.

Hi, did you see this screenshot and the button Disable virtual file support… ?

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Yes, but I would like to use VFS for all my other folders, but selectively disable a folder’s inclusion within a specific ‘sync connection’.

Furthermore, disabling the VFS on a sync connection informs me of the following:


if i want to share 14 random photos with friend
i need to move 14 (dublicate some photos, extend storage…) to other folder ?
also it is time consumption.
this your answer not like specialist but i dont.know…


I have installed the new client and activated the vdf. What I have seen is, that when the whole directory is selected the status indicator in the windows explorer won’t switch to the green mark after downloading it still shows the circle for synchronisation.

With files it work like expected.

Another issue I have had this day:

I have created a new folder via explorer ans instantly renamed it. The result was an error message that the synchronisation failed an I hat the new folder and the renamed folder in the directory. I also was not able to delete de unneeded folder from the cloud through the windows explorer. I have also to delete it in the Web gui.

Question 1: is this the right place to report problems?

Question 2: Are you sure the new features is ready for production usage?

Greatings ArgaWoW

Mja, that is how it is right now, indeed. Perhaps such a feature will be developed at some point but it currently does not exist.