Nextcloud client installation on Linux is inconvenient

Hi Nextcloud team,

I love you. But installing the Nextcloud client on anything other than Arch Linux based distro’s is a pain in bottom. It’s 2016, in Ubuntu I should not have to build from source and manually place the application in a folder anymore. I understand very well that going through repo’s is not an option for you and I agree but can you please considers making a Snap for example,or a Flatpack. Alternatively, the OwnCloud Suse build service repo also was acceptable.

Are there already plans in this direction?

Please end my pain.

Highest regards.


There is already a nextcloud snap =)

sudo snap install nextcloud

That is the server, I’m talking about the client :slight_smile:

Oops still day dreaming… sorry.

Yeah on the client side, that kind of package is needed.
I hope the snap devs maybe releasing a snap for the client also, they already made great process on the server side.

And snapd can run on many distributions now so that is nice.

We still need someone who digs into this subject and helps to provide .deb and .rpm files:

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openSUSE Tumbleweed thankfully already has the Nextcloud client in it’s main repo: :wink:

Just would like to lend my words of encouragement for a resolution to lack of a .deb and .rpm install method for two very important linux distros…


+1 for an easy installation on Ubuntu with package or Snap orappimage :wink:


i’m also giving a +1 to having a deb or rpm. even If it is not in any repository that would be fantastic.

Adding my voice to the little chorus here too. If I had any idea where to begin I’d volunteer to do it myself! Us Linux users could really do with .deb .rpm installers.

Probably very few here have done that before and if someone knew to do it quickly, there already would be a package. I haven’t done this either, so you could read through documentation:
perhaps this could help to make it easier:
this is for ubuntu:
There is a “hello world” example:

And you can probably have a look at the owncloud-client deb-files for inspiration:

You can even find working config files to built Debian packages here:

They will need cleaning up before Debian accepts them but they should work fine to create a first package.

So I would like to have this too, and even though I don’t have time or the know-how, I am willing to pay someone for it. Might it be an idea to use the bounty system for this? I looked at bountysource but that would need a github issue. Should I create a github issue and then set a bounty?

What should be an acceptable bounty? Does anyone have an idea how much work it would be to get the debian/ubuntu repo’s to accept it and how much a dev should get for it?

There already seem to be some packages:

Yes that would be the way to go. The right place would probably the theming-tracker:

About the money, I can’t estimate how much effort it is, probably it depends strongly on the experience of someone. You can go the other way round, how much are you willing to pay for this function? And in the past most bounties probably didn’t compensate for the real effort made.

It seems they already fixed it