Nextcloud client deleted local files that it was supose to ignore

Ignoring specific files isn’t possible, afaik.
If the file has a special file ending you might be able to ignore the file via the ignore-list, though.

Aha, I think I maybe understand what happened. Unchecked folders are supposed to get removed/deleted locally by design, so when I started the sync process with an unchecked folder it should actually have been deleted from the very beginning?

I see, thanks for clearing that up

I think I am wrong. You can choose your own pattern which can also be a filname in the ignore-list, as far as I see it. Best is if you try it out yourself.

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Ok I will do that, thanks again

Yes and no. You can uncheck them if you don’t want to get them synced from your Nexloud to your local machine. That can make sense on a device with limited storage space. But always look at the server as the primary storage. Synchronization is not a client to server backup solution. In fact it is NOT a backup solution AT ALL.

Ok, it is starting to get a little clearer for me now. I have started the whole sync process in the wrong end, I started with an empty server syncing all the content I have locally. What should have been done is upload everything I had manually and then setup the desktop client.

It’s perfectly fine to do it that way. But you have to keep in mind, that the local folder wich is defined as the synchronization target for your Nextcloud account, basically is a mirror of the file structure in your Nextcloud. And as soon as the synchronisation is active, all changes on both sides will instantly get downloaded respectively uploaded.

If you uncheck a checkbox in the folders list, you basicaly say to the SyncClient: “Please do not sync this specific folder ON THE SERVER with my local file system anymore!” The folder then disappears from the local file system and remains on the server. But vice versa you cannot exlude files or folders from getting uploaded if you put them inside the folder that is defined as as your local synchronisation target. You can only exclude them from geting downloaded again. That’s because a folder has to exist on the server, in order to apear on that list.

Nope. What you should NOT have done is place a folder inside the synchronisation target, that you don’t want to get uploaded to your Nexcloud.

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Ok, I understand better now.

Thank you for all your help and explanation. I have learned a lot

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