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For some time now I was developing the ownCloud chat app, we recently started working on a internal Backend for the nice JSXC app, as a replacement for the old app. So we can benefit from the existing client, and just have to create a chat backend. (

Since Nextcloud partners with, and maybe going to integrate this further with Nextcloud I was thinking if you have any suggestions on the development of the internal backend.

Of course the app keeps existing as a XMPP client.

IMO it would be great to still develop the Internal backend, sine this 100% written in PHP and can be enabled with a simple click. So it would be the easy to install alternative against

What do you think? @jospoortvliet @frank @jan @sualko

Hey @LEDfan, actually I wanted to talk to you about that earlier! :slight_smile:

We think it would be great to not only have the two as alternatives, but rather collaborate and combine them even better. Nextcloud should treat communication not just as »an app« but really integrated. Like being able to text or call people directly from Contacts, or the share dialog, anywhere a username+avatar is shown really.

Interface-wise, we were thinking about having an indicator in the top bar next to the search/notifications icon, which works similar as the notifications dropdown. A list of your friends, showing the most contacted up top, and means to contact them. This might be a bit better than our current sidebar approach, especially since Files already has a sidebar, and a lot of apps like Contacts and Mail use 3 columns and a fourth one would be a bit much.

Now mainly does WebRTC, so it would be quite awesome to work together to get XMPP support integrated. Of course tech-wise you, @sualko, @frank, @LukasReschke and others can comment more on this, but that’s the general idea. :slight_smile:


I’ve wrote a topic on a suggestion about SpreedMe here Question or new feature for Spreed.Me

About have historic of conversation for making a good deal breaker of skype.


This sounds great! Having XMPP and integrated in one interface would definitely make my day. I wonder if author of JSXC is already onboard here.

Sounds great to me :slight_smile: I think the best first steps is to first further work on the chat backend and then we can integrate it better?

From my point of view I think it would be the best to don’t change a lot on the design of the JSXC but extend it. Since 3.0 the design is very good (thanks to you tips :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I think the popover which can be opened from the topbar etc can be easily made as an extension rather than changing the code itself. What do you think about this @sualko?

From a QA perspective, having one app to test is better than having two apps to test.

From a user perspective, I’d like to just pick one. I don’t like choice.

@LEDfan please also check out the Contacts dropdown spec :slight_smile:

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