NextCloud Box & Raspberry PI 3 Image - Availability & Download?

I received my NextCloud Box, yesterday, but I have the Raspberry PI 3 not 2. I saw the statement on that Raspberry PI 3 support is estimated to be available this month, November 2016.

Is there an update on the status? Is there a github repo to monitor or a web page? How will current box owners obtain an image?

Thank you!

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The repo is here:

@oparoz can perhaps give you a more detailed ETA for an Raspberry Pi3-image.

Hopefully next week


Just wanted to share what I found:

Is it the long awaited? -> I also have a Box with as raspi3 waiting to be installed :wink:

How is the Raspberry PI 3 build progressing?

If you need help with testing, let me know. I got the equipment, so just need a test script.

So, the image is currently being tested and the final release is going to happen in the coming weeks. Sorry about the slight delay.

My Nextcloud Box currently runs with a Raspberry Pi 2.

If I want to replace that with a Raspberry 3, will I need to install all from scratch and sync the files again, or is there a chance I can upgrade and keep the synced files on the harddrive?

You should be able to upgrade to the new image and then swap the Pis

That sounds pretty awesome. :clap:


The URL you provided, how does that provide an install image for an sd card? Remember I don’t have a PI 2 so I don’t have the option to use “snap” until I have a working base OS. I have the original and unmodified media that shipped with the box, but I assume a image is going to need to be provided for download by PI 3 owners.

oparoz, anxiously awaiting its availability, but with the holiday, I expected delays. :smiley:

There is currently no download. I think oparoz told this week on the forum somewhere, that the release for RPi3 is planned on Dec 9th. Once it is ready, there will probably an announcement on the forum.

edit: found the topic (it wasn’t oparoz):

Nice find tflidd. Thank you and appreciate you sharing.

Thank you very much for your work on Nextcloud, do you have any update about the new release for the raspberry pi 3? any ETA?


Friends, with regards to Pi3 support - we promised December 9, we promised a week later but sadly we still haven’t found a good solution for what we’re trying to do (make it super easy to connect to a box without knowing it’s IP address).

While we keep working on a solution, probably coming in January now, we are discussing if we could publish the current work-in-progress as a beta/test version for those able to use SSH themselves. I will keep you updated on that conversation!

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jospoortvliet, thank you for the update.

+1 for beta/test release

More than happy to download an image, install, test, and provide feedback. Heck! If I understood your challenge, be happy to spend a few hours working the problem to provide potential solutions.

Cant you just assign the box a localhost name… Know this is a little out of my league but something akin to avahli/zeroconf or perhaps even run an internal DNS only avalible on the local network to resolve a name?
(aka Also seen vendors use an applet/plugin to find their device on the local network using a MAC address…

Just some random thoughts…

The problem is how make the firts configuration? Chromecast use a extension for chrome to discover the device and firts config.

We don’t have a beta/test image yet, but we did put the current image online:


Is there any other problem, or just the one you have to know the IP of your raspberry 3?


The image supports the raspberrypi 3? I copied the image via dd to sd-card an it doesn’t boot.