NextCloud Box & Raspberry PI 3 Image - Availability & Download?

I don’t own a pi2 so I can’t make a direct comparison but the pi3 does feel pretty slow. I’m looking to find a more powerful solution soon (curious if there might be a noticeable improvement when there is an official pi3 image so I’m delaying until I can try that, low expectations though).

It won’t make a difference for Gallery, still only 1GB of RAM.

The official image will offer the same performance. This can only be fixed in hardware.

I’ve just seen this today as a possible alternative to a RPi3.

It has the same footprint as a RPi so should be a bolt in replacement for the NC Box. 2gb ram should help Gallery performance which interests me. Although the quad core A17 is only 32 bit it runs at 1.8ghz and according to this chart is significantly more powerful than the A7 in the RPi2 and A53 in the RPi3.

Sadly I can’t find anyone with it in stock at the moment. :disappointed:

Gibt’s wohl bald bei

Sorry … in English: seems to be available soon at (for German market)

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The Tinker has a custom OS. If you want Ubuntu Core to run on it, you all need to write to Asus to make it happen. That’s the biggest problem we have today with running Ubuntu Core. Great tech, but it only runs on a few boards, either too weak or too expensive. Also, please report your hardware findings to the dedicated thread:

Canonical gave us an update last night. One more week!

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I am hoping to install NC snap on the version of Debian that Asus has made for the board, I’ll post results in the thread you mentioned.

I have ordered one from

Can we get an updated ETA for the original question posted?

Yes, I am the OP and I am sure I have accidentally hijacked a thread or two in my enthusiasm. Glares at the Asus enthusiasts–nice board.


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Looks like you missed my reply. The image is still in QA and should be delivered to us on the 17th. We’ll probably release it as-is with a big “BETA” label.

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Has to be done!

Thank you, oparoz, and on closer review I see the “one week.” I apologize making you repeat yourself.

I have the nextcloud box with Raspi 2 and I’m syncing photos music etc with my phone and archive some folders with laptop. Especially with the photos thumbnails etc its very slow. Would it make any performancewise difference to upgrade it to Raspi 3 ?

Edit: A similar question has already been asked… Sorry about the duplicate…

Some severe issues have been identified. New image on the 21st. We’ll decide then if it’s something which can be released to you guys.

Grrrrr…pi3. Is warming up

I also followed Martin’s instructions and got my Pi3/Ubuntu Core Nextcloud Box up and running. Everything works fine so far on my home network, but I’m working through an issue getting dynamic DNS set up. The Ubuntu Core system does not include the curl command, which is used in a cron job to update I’m hoping I can find a snap for curl to fix the problem.

Can you provide URL to Martin’s instructions please. Might come in handy for me and some others :slight_smile:


if it helps, I created a raspberry PI image with Nextcloud 11 installed, PHP7 and HTTP2.

I tested it on RPI2 and RPI3. I hope it helps. My goal is to have NC more available for as much people as possible

Hope it helps

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Very nice! I love the fact you provide your installation scripts so there is no mystery and it can be built upon or reused by the community.

Thank you!

We have received the new image and we’ll publish it as beta as soon after we’ve managed to test it.