Nextcloud Box Installation?

Not sure if this or the Appliances forum was best for this, but this won the toss up

My Box SD finally gave up the ghost and I need to start from scratch with a new card

What should I do to get it up and running?
I think its best if I clear the data on the HDD as it has been broken for some months now

Its just me who uses this for access to my files away from home mostly

Simple instructions on what to do would be great



What is that? You mean the Nextcloud Box (that was shortly sold some time ago)?

The Nextcloud Box,

So this was a setup with Ubuntu and snap?
With the raspberry pi, you have the Nextcloud-Pi image, which is quite popular and used frequently here.

If you fancy a better performance (CPU/RAM/USB), you could also try the newer Rasberry Pi 4.

Yes, I think so
from here it says,

microSD card with Snappy Ubuntu Core as OS, including Apache, MySQL and the latest Nextcloud 10 pre-installed and ready to go

So should I guess I could go with snap or Nextcloud-Pi

If snap do I download the Pi 3 from our download server here or do I simply install the latest version of Raspbian and then install the snap for Nextcloud?

I tried downloading the Nextcloud-pi image from here but I couldnt unpack it for some reason

Finally, would the RPi 4 fit physically in the Nextcloud box?



Yes. It’s a bit up to you. If you were happy with the snap setup, you could update and control everything, why change? The snap stuff is from ubuntu not debian.
NextcloudPi is an image, probably you have to unpack first and then use a tool to put the iso-file on your SD card.

From looking the form-factor is quite similar. Not sure if all the connectors are at the same location. I don’t have it in front of me…

I think I know how to ask a more specific question in the appliances forum
My problem with the unpacking of the Nextcloud-Pi download was simply that I didn’t wait long enough for it to finish reading as it took much longer than I was expecting.
However, I think you are right, I will stick to the Snap set-up

In case anyone with the same problem finds this post, I managed with great help from the forum, as detailed: