Nextcloud Box: faulty SD card

Set up NC Box successfully, then migrated it to it’s final location.
For that I SSH’d “shutdown -h now”, moved the box, plugged in … nothing !

Now I’m desperately trying to safe 2 days work, but the box does not do anything (just red LED).

Pi is okay (boots on SD card of another PI), plugging SD into another Pi does nothing - so I guess the SD is dead or I accidentally killed some boot up stuff …

I can mount SD on a Linux desktop …

Any suggestions ? Aynthing I can check on the SD through an editor ?

Ideas welcome !!!


Welcome to the world of PIs booting from fragile read-write media :frowning:

Connect the PI via HDMI to a TV and boot.
I guess you will only see a eainbow screen.
Is this is true, you need a fresh image on the SD.

If dou are lucky only the filesystem is gone and it will work. Or you will also need a new SD + image

Only way to get around is to make the SD a readonly filesystem.

Had connected the Pi to HDMI, screen turns black at start (no rainbow screen) but no cli messages popping up …

Does anyone know where on the 1 TB disk I can find the data for rescue and later reuse after reinstallation ?

@manankanchu try this:

The first github link will show you how to restore the image, the NOTE under it states how to configure it to not overwrite the data on the disk after a restore.

Thanks for your suggestion … I reinstalled the whole thing, everything worked fine - rebooted and failed again - so I decided this whole Nextcloud Box thingy is by far too unreliable so I threw it into the trash bin …

Thanks guys for your support !!

Lol, where are you located? If within Europe I’ll cover postage if you’d like to send it to me… better than the bin :slight_smile: