Nextcloud as a REAL sharing platform

Hey there,

for a sharing based project we’re searching for a FOSS based sharing platform but couldn’t find promising ones. This led to the questione, whether nextcloud might serve as the base to allow users to share real stuff, like tools, bikes or cars.

just some thoughts on why nextcloud might be a good starting point:

  • sharing as part of the ‘new economy’ is out there since a while and has been buzzing quite heavily, too, but most of the the services that are around are mostly just focus on earning money

  • trust is a key issue regarding sharing and is more easily achieved in a smaller (and local) community, plenty of those are already running a nextcloud instance

-nextcloud offers a couple of modules, that are essential for a sharing platform, like user management, groups (even circles), a communication tool, a calendar etc…

What are your thoughts on this? Do you see a potential in developing such a tool in the nextcloud environment?

Any people interested in getting involved out there? Possible partners?

Do you know of open source-based sharing platforms we might have overseen?

I’m curious about your ideas!

The “Calendar Resource Management” heads this way, so I just wanted to leave the following links in this topic: