Nextcloud 20 upgrade FAIL

Hello - I have just tried updating from NC19 to NC20 twice and both times failed. A third attempt produced an error message but then appeared to complete after a five minute delay.

So it is installed - BUT - there is no calendar, no email, no contacts, no Maps, and no Music.

If I look in the Apps - I can find them all disabled and a button to “Enale untested App”.

What is going on here? I totally do not understand. There is no guidance, no supporting information, no release notes, and the upgrade does not actually work?!! This is really a mess… I have never seen such shoddy releaes - it leaves the user/administrator totalls in the dark as to what is going on.

Should I enable these “untested” apps (which I was using with NC19) or is there a different Calender, Contacts, … for NC20?

Please advise as I do not understand this at all.

PS - I am thinking I should go back to NC19 and skip NC20 totally…

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Yes, do it please

ok thanks @anon93002831 - I do that - but why are they marked “untested” - Surely before testing V20 the NC team would have tested compatability?

Right, but that’s a point for an Issue on Git, sorry this is a userforum.

I would suggest to try again next week or so. The apps server is unavailable hence the apps are not updated to the latest available version.

Exactly the same happened to me. Very frustrating that upgrades are allowed when dependencies arent available. Ive now lost full functionality of a fairly stable 19 to a none working 20.

Just to point out if you install 19 now after the server is unavailable you will be in the same boat. Better to just walk away from it until the servers are back up. I cant see any official server statuses so Ive no idea when that will be.

Ahh- good point! I will wait. Yeah - I am really anoyed - I am moving house and need my Calendar and Contacts! This could not happend at a worse time for me…I am under extreme presssure and the last thing I want to do is rebuild a failed Nextcloud 20 installation!!

Indeed - this is not professional - I would expect some kind of “official statement” - like STOP! - we have an issue - or someting…??

That’s one of the reasons why the updates through the built-in updater for the stable channel normally will be made available to most of the users only when the 20.0.1 will be released…

This would be considered a successful upgrade. The way it has been, getting from 19 to 20 is success. Many of the apps are disabled and many still lack someone filing the “please upgrade to version X issues” raised on Github. This is frustrating because, as you said, there is no easy “turn back on the breaker switch app button”. Instead of just flicking them back on we have to:

Enable Untested app, Enable App. Repeat for every single app. This is a bummer with not just music, but the core Calendar and security plugins such as e2e encryption. I’d add it is very easy to miss apps when doing this as well… is there no way to quickly restore them at a glance…?

Right now, it seems everything worked for you exactly as designed. Perhaps the process itself can use refinement. We now have a lot of apps by a lot of different people, so there must be some way to keep everyone more in-step with future release cycles.

Well I am pretty sure I was on the stable channel…But I think what has happened here is I am using a docker image and I reckon Watchtower spotted a new docker image and upgraded the bloody thing which I really could do without right now …

Well that’s the thing - How would I know? I would imagine ye goode old “Releaes Notes” would solve the problem so that we know what to expect and/or if it complated successfuly. In my case I do not know - but I am pretty sure it did not work - at least the plugins part. And as we well know - most of Nextcloud is designed as plugins.

In fact - for me - the calendar and the contacts are 80% of my usage - the files, tasks and music are the the rest - so everthing I use was disabled.

You are wrong about this. The process is that occ upgrade checks the apps store for updates and install them for you. As the server is unavailable now that does not work. It’s designed to update as much apps as possible (=> where an update is already available).

Yes, that might be possible… I was lucky enought to be able to update my Docker installation already, but the problems with not being available bother me, too, sometimes…

Perhaps you should switch to fixed major versions in your docker-compose?

Indeed - good idea! I NEVER want this to happen again…

I guess you can download the tagged versions for Nextcloud 20 from:

The apps on my instance were listed as incompatible with version 20, hence they were disabled as part of the update process. I have no issues with my apps not being up-to-date as that process is fully automated on my instance via NextcloudPi.

None of my personal apps had to be updated so much as re-enabled.

If you are using the updater the process is:

  1. Download new nextcloud version
  2. Replace old version with new version
  3. Run occ upgrade to make changes to the database
  4. Ask the apps store for updates and install them

Step 4 fails because the server is down. No updates for the apps are downloaded and they are now disabled as incompatible.

Calendar and Contacts were ready for Nextcloud 20 before Nextcloud 20 was released. The reason the apps are not updated and disabled as incompatible for the thread starter is the not available apps store. The process itself works fine (most of the time) :wink:

ok - so first step of upgrade should be to check availability of AppStore…and STOP is not available…


Exactly the same for me. Its the fact that the core functionality has gone that is causing me issues. Calendar & Contacts nowhere to be seen. Just a new dashboard :stuck_out_tongue: