Nextcloud 19 Beta 4 is out - help us test it!

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Nextcloud 19 is coming and it’s time for testing!

As you might already know we hit feature freeze a few weeks ago and now it’s Beta’s time!

We made beta 1, 2 and 3 available the previous weeks while many fixes and improvements were made.

Now we are calling for testing for Beta 4!

We are working hard on stabilizing Nextcloud 19 for a release and it is time to get involved, if you haven’t yet! Our fourth beta has appeared on our servers and you can use our famously easy updater to get it on your server and give it a try, or grab it from our download server.

Nextcloud 19 beta 4 (zip)

We want to make sure that upgrades and day to day usage are smooth and as bug-free as possible. Any other feedback, of course, is welcome! The following weeks we will release Beta 5 and 6, which will be followed by the first release candidate hopefully on May 7.

Upgrade to Beta 4 and help us test it!

Time for testing and polishing again!

Nextcloud 19 needs testing, bug reporting, bug fixing and some polishing to be perfect. The best time to get involved is now! Here is a list of pending PR’s you can help us with, they need reviews, specific testing and more!

We have our automated tests and it has gotten some basic smoke testing but no test scheme can replace the myriad of ways you all use Nextcloud, on everything from Raspberry Pi’s and NAS devices to big iron servers!

As details make the difference we can use your help for small UI improvements, fixes to details – and of course bugfixes!

If you are new to Nextcloud, you’re more than welcome to get involved – simply join us on github or check out this page on our website.

Note that translations are very welcome too! We have millions of users and they don’t all read English! Let’s make sure 19 is ready for as big a number of users as possible! We plan to do a string freeze with the first RC on May 7 to give the translation teams time to catch up but there is no reason not to get to work already!


We appreciate your feedback too- it is a great way to contribute and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new features. Get Beta 4, check yourself what’s new and let us know what you think! As a beta, of course, the main aim of this release is not to reveal the new features of Nextcloud 19, it’s a call for help to continue making Nextcloud awesome!

I see folder sharing still doesn’t let you share photos in a slideshow on a shared folder and does not let you view pictures individually in a shared folder. Still forces downloads. Will probably stick with 17 until version 20 or 21. Somehow the gallery app still has more features then photos.

It’s a shame because photos is a really nice app but the sharing functionality appears to be a second class citizen for them.

Major bugs still exist in Beta 4! Quota bugs, S3 bugs, etc. Most of which have been reported already and appear to be going unanswered. One of which breaks quota entirely and does not let users login.

Recently as of beta 4 importing data (contacts, calendar, passwords - etc) causes the web GUI to freeze for up to a full minute. This did not exist in beta 2.

tl;dr 19 has major issues and it looks like they are priming for release with those still existing.


Please postpone the release of NC 19.0.0
With the state of the world on Covid 19 we better need a bug free NC 18.0.5 than a lot of broken down instances of buggy NC 19.


Error with update:

Current version is 19.0.0 beta 2.
Update to Nextcloud 19.0.0 Beta 4 available. (channel: “beta”)

  • Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • .php_cs.dist
  • composer.lock

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I am afraid that not many people read these comments here.
It’s best to give feedback on GitHub.

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Deleted that files and retried. No other problems.

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Delete the listed files from public folder and try again.

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Nobody’s forced to do the update right now, you can still keep using NC 18 :slight_smile:

Yes but no.
Now you don’t have the Production Update choice in the autoupdater

I when NC 19.0.1 will be released i won’t get notified for 18.0.5 but for this 19 big update.

A lot of users will pass on NC 19 without really knowing how many things it can break.

While when you are aware on GitHub you can see that important issues on Photos / GroupFolders aren’t still fixed.

I’m still on NC 17 and i am forced to manually upgrade :pensive:


I’m waiting on 18.0.4 then will swap over fully. I’ve heard gallery can be made to work on 18 so my major gripe is solved for now.

Luckily 18 is supported until 2021.

The only thing photos needs is for slideshow/preview view on sharing instead of force downloads. Same goes for videos. Right now you have to use a direct share link for either previews to work…

Anyway, this is about 19. 19 still has major show stopping bugs but otherwise is shaping up well.

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Valid point… So perhaps it would be best if they’d enable the production update channel for everyone

There is a discussion about it on github.
They said they will use the old fashion on update notifications.
But for the moment it’s not like that.