Nextcloud 13 and Google Drive?

I’m surprised I’m the first person mentioning this, but it appears that Nextcloud 13 has removed support for Google Drive? It’s no longer an option in the list of available external storage mediums and my existing ‘mounts’ are all failing.

This didn’t appear to be mentioned in the release announcement…

Are there any plans to bring it back? I was using it quite extensively.

Dig the feed…

someone ask the same question, ans the answer so far is because of change of security policy from google, google drive can’t be supported anymore

Shouldn’t this have been mentioned in the announcement, or release notes?

When I did a search on these forums, I couldn’t find any previous mention of this - apologies if there is.

Hmm damn I use this a lot - I guess I’ll have to restore Nextcloud 12 from a backup. I see Owncloud has taken a similar stance, but have moved gdrive to an external app; maybe that will happen here also.

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Can’t say I used it a lot, but it was handy. Could be a NC deal breaker for some. On the other hand it’ll most likely force me away from Google all together and be 100% NC. Now that’s got to be a good thing. :wink:

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It’s not hard to find:

An app for Google Drive support is still in development for NC 13:

This notice or warning is in the doc of NC 13 .
Here :

But I just don’t know when it will be finished . Quiet a useful extension isn’t it ?

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This was a bad surprise for me after upgrading. We use this a lot…

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“not hard to find” is not a good excuse.
this should have been listed in the release notes or pinned to the top of the forum.

this ‘feature change’ was handled poorly, it gave some users a nasty surprise.
and forced them to come here to find out why.

worse still, if google drive was configured as external storage then after the upgrade there is a red folder, error message and in the settings an entry that can not be easily removed. go manually digging in the mount.json file. not cool.

Hey guys !

I am working on it here:

It currently only can read and access to Google Drive.

I will push into the app store when it will be fully working



thanks for the time you invest to make gdrive working again. That’s great.
I tried to use my gdrive in nextcloud, but unfortunately I don’t get it up and running.

Is there a current documentation about how to set it up correctly?

I tried the following steps:

  • I created a new oauth2 api key in the google api console (
  • I took both values and putted them into the corresponding fields in the gdrive configuration form
  • I clicked the confirm button

The square before the gdrive external storage item stays red. Is there any log or something that helps me to find the problem?

I’m happy for any help on this.


Having the same problem, is there any progress?

Just check the linked repositories, there haven’t been any changes lately.

I solve the problem, Nextcloud’s guidlines are outdated.

no wonder that THOSE are outdated since you are linking to the manual of outdated version NC9

have you enabled app files_external as well?


I have install/enable the applications:
External storage support
External storage support for Google Drive

Regarding the outdated info, I know but its the only resource I found, so the differences are the screens in google developers console (i don’t care) and the callbacks URLs (i care). So, I did it with try/error method, by adding the urls that google indicate it as missing.

The app “External storage support for Google Drive” is not working well, I am connecting but still I am reading the source code to understand where the files must be stored, since I don’t have directory listing yet.

could have happened that it was part of the source code back then. today it’s a standalone app… (and if i remember it correctly it’s a fork from an owncloud-app)

thats mandatory… so well done!

seems as if you’re getting onward with the problem. would you mind adding your solution as a PR to the code in the end?

Yes please you can do whatever is useful to the community

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