Nextcloud 12.03 End to End Encryption Testing?

I wasn’t sure where to put this, in apps or testing? Apologies if its in the wrong place…

I have it installed but not sure how to use it … is this message disabling things?

‘Alpha version of end-to-end encryption enabled. Please don’t use this in production and only with test data!’

Are you giving people a choice to use on production systems with test data, or it just must not to be used on production systems at all?

I ask as my calendar syncs are blocked when the e2e enc app is enabled.

I only have one Nextcloud instance, so wanted to test for one test user on some Test files.

Just confirming: enabling the E2E server app disables CalDav and CardDav access via DavDroid and Thunderbird.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Is that on a production or non production instance?

I was thinking they may not get disabled on a non production system.

I am running the Docker image by Wonderfall, which I assume is production. I haven’t explicitly set anything to be non-production.

Thanks for the update.