Nextcloud 11 sets new standard for security and scalability

Just upgraded my home NC 10 to 11: How bloody boring! 30 seconds of clicking and a 130GB NC jumps to the right (by one).

I resigned myself to this non distro integrated application a while back - I’m a sysadmin with 20 years experience of one or two systems and that is not the way “we” do things cough - I have not been disappointed yet. This particular NC started off life as an OC 7 on Centos and is now on Xenial.

For this update I didn’t bother with a snapshot first (I did check the backups though)

Good work devs n co. Love it - seriously boring upgrade. I’ll test the new functionality and move my other instances later.

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Had to work on upgrade automation :wink:
Just upgraded too.
Awesome work ! :ok_hand:
The new nextcloud app store is a big improvement.
Also, I really feel the improved performances when surfing in my folders tree & files.
Congratulation ! :thumbsup:

Calendar on Nextcloud 11 major bug spams a users contacts while importing a calendar from google

This is going to really piss off folks like me who saw this project featured on Linux Action Show and decided to import data into a new install…

They specifically touted this project as a replacement for Google Apps and Dropbox!

Well it seems like less marketing promo press releases and more devs testing especially the functions users use when adopting nextcloud is in order.

Major bozo move guys…


See: Calendar import google auto set to spam past appointment invitees

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If you would like to update […] wait for 2-3 weeks until we make the new release available in the Nextcloud Updater app

By this time, 7 weeks are gone, and I’m still not receiving an update notification on my Nextcloud 10.0.3. Will it ever come?

About 40% of the users now should have received a notification for Nextcloud 11.0.1. Every day this week, we add another 10% so by Sunday, everyone should be notified :wink:

Of course, if a big issue surfaces, we’ll slow down again.


Hope I will receive the update notification soon :wink: ( actualy 10.0.3 )

Any idea of when it will be available for 100% of users ?

Thank you for your answer and for everything !

We were a bit slow, we’re at 60 % now and I’ll ask for 80 today end of day :smiley:

Just get it today :wink: It’s on progress … thank you

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