Next Notes: Sharing, Tagging, Search, WYSIWYG editor in well-known Markdown style (and maybe more)

@janis91 is building a new app witch realy looks interesting for me:


-> Website

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Thanks for mentioning. Currently I am working on the sharing feature. There are still some major things required, like a security audit, translation with transifex and maybe tests for the javascript (I don’t know how to do that). But it is already working for stable10 (without sharing).

Please feel free to leave a comment or contribute!

Looks great for a 0.2. :slight_smile: Works under 32bit php…

Will post isues in github.

Another +1 from me on not storing in the DB. I like now that I could tomorrow destroy my installation and restore /data to another NC install (or some other solution entirely) and only really have to worry about re-enabling shares. (settings etc too but not important). Requiring I migrate my database too or lose potentially all my notes is less ideal.

I Donts see that as a problem, if you have databasebackups.
Next notes stores the data as clear text in the databe:
SELECT * FROM oc_nextnotes_notes

id       title                 user_id      content
1        Test1             joachim     Test1
                                                      | Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |...
2        Versuch 2      joachim     Versuch 2
3        Versuch 3      joachim      Versuch 3

But I would prefer storing (also) to files to be able to acces the data stored in the notes with other programs or just a text editor.

Therfore I await with interest the announced features:

I aim for sharing the notes/articles external and internal (read-only
AND read/write), in order to give users much more possibilities.

I’m not so much referring to backups/restores as going in “fresh”. Updated to clarify other solutions as well in any case - moving files alone is much easier.

I could help with german, but that shouldn’t be needed by you :wink:

For putting it to transifex/nextcloud, you should contact

That’t true, but accessing just the database should be faster and more flexible for searching pp.

So in my opinnion, a funktion witch also stores the notes as files in Nextcloud and another function witch enables You to import such files into the database would be perfect. [perhaps I’m dreaming…]

User choice is always the dream :wink:

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I will have a look and evaluate if it makes sense. As Soko already mentioned, one big reason is the search… in-file-search is much more complicated compared to database based search. But the export/import thing could be worth a try.
I think it could be a good tradeoff.


I will contact one of the guys for the transifex thing soon.

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@janis91, it would be great if you could present your app at the Nextcloud conference in Berlin next month :slight_smile:

Yes that would have been great, but unfortunately I will be very busy the next three months because of my master thesis :wink: AND I scheduled some other meetings on this weekend already.

BTW: Do you know if there will be a live stream or something like that for the event?

Not sure about the live stream, but everything will be recorded.

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ok cool. looking forward to it.