Next Cloud Pi completely lost?

tar -Pcf /media/myCloudDrive/nextcloud-bkp.tar /media/myCloudDrive/ncdata /var/www/nextcloud

You are backing up to the same hdd. Check the mountpoint from my previous answer.

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sorry, my mistake.
I can hear the hdd´s spinning now. Exciting!

It is possible that you will run into permission issues. Can you change root password from here :

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Okay, thanks for the warning.

How do I know when tar is finished?

You will get the prompt back ($ sign).

You could also add the -v flag

tar -Pcvf /media/myCloudDrive/nextcloud-bkp.tar /media/myCloudDrive/ncdata /var/www/nextcloud

You can also start a second ssh and backup your database.

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I think it might be better to just start the backup again with -v flag so you can know thethe errors.

You can stop tar by pressing ctrl + c

so tar -v -pcvf [...]?

seems like tar is not one of the easy commands :wink:

tar -Pcvf

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Sorry , i somehow missed this answer.

No problem. Do you get permission errors ?

no, not so far. although i´m not backing up the database yet. data is backing up just fine.

You should know that your database contains your contacts, calendar, deck cards, todo lists, perhaps your cookbooks, etc

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I know I know. I’m just waiting for the tar to finish because I don’t want to stress the little pi 4 too much.

Oh ok. I thought you were not going to backup database at all.

Anyway if it does not work for some reason then you can also start ubuntu from live usb / in virtualbox, connect your drive and sdcard then use the file explorer to copy your database and data folder.

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guess i´ll make a ubuntu usb stick tomorrow.

hey guys, an update.

I tried to make a backup, but it never seemed to finish, I never saw the prompt ($) again. I also tried to make a backup of the database. I tried several times, but I don´t know if it completely copied all files. the tar file on my backup is only about one third in size.

I guess due to all the reboots somehow my sd-card, where the pi is booting from, became corrupted. I can see that there is a device on Ethernet port 1 on my router, but I can not get a ping, see an ip adress, connect to the know ip adress and i don´t get a signal on the hdmi ports when i connect a monitor.

I will try to get a ubunutu boot stick ready and see ich i can copy my files from there and then do a complete wipe and reinstall from nextcloud pi.

Thanks for your knowledge and help!!

So I made a Kubuntu USB thumb drive (8 GB is big enough) using unetbootin on Windows 10. I opened up a console and with sudo chmod 777 -c -R /media/kubuntu/myCloudDrive I could change the permissions so I had full access to the Nextcloud Pi Data files.
I could now see that the tar backup I did in am earlier step has been completed. I did not know this until now, because the tar showed up with 367 GB and the unpacked tar had only 131 GB.

Since I do not know why I had these problems in the first place and why it kept getting worse, I will now try to do a reinstall of Nextcloud Pi on my SD Card and see if the Pi 4b is still functional.

Fortunately I had not toouch data or user groups set up, and I can easily build it from scratch.

Thank you everybody, you have been a great help and I definitely have learned a few things!

Maybe a little late, but I’ve experienced similar issues multiple times on RP3+NCP+SD.

It always comes down to SD-card corruption and after I switched to BerryBoot, I never experienced it again. BB works as a bootloader on the SD that uses external USB storage as the root drive - It is “recommended” since SD’s are known to be prone to corruption.