NC12 Authentication issue with Cardav, Caldav and Sogo connector

Thanks for the heads up @Andy.

It is a small environment with 4 user, so I might start from scratch with NC11.0.3. Card- and Caldav is crucial to me.
Maybe there is a workaround to get it working even with NC12, that would be nice, to safe me the effort.

Not working:
Sogo connector: 31.0.4
Caldav-sync: 0.4.29
Carddav-sync: 0.4.21

ES File Explorer Pro: 1.0.8
Nextcloud: 1.4.3
FolderSync: 2.9.9

@MeCias, does the calendar load in Web?

See my After update from 11 to 12 (and now 12.0.3 to 12.0.4 again): Calendar loading infinitly (and php-fpm 100% CPU usage)

Hi @MikeLupe
The web calendar is working fine on my site. Everything on the web works surprisingly smoothly, way better then NC11.

Ok, thanks for the feedback @MeCias.

Besides calendar (and custom theme) everything went smooth on 12, true. But had to revert, because calendar is crucial for me aswell.

I’m not 100% sure it works, but maybe this small hack can get it working again.
But you should only do this when absolutely necessary, since it breaks OAuth2 and some other things.
So don’t complain when those things don’t work then anymore.

And also I just tested and can confirm, that Lightning 5.4 works against Nextcloud 12 without this.





// FIXME I disabled this myself following $authPlugin->addBackend($bearerAuthPlugin);





// FIXME I disabled this myself following $authPlugin->addBackend($bearerAuthBackend);

Same here :confused:

After updating two Nextcloud instances, both have problems with Thunderbird Sync
(Lightning - Calendar “CALDAV” & SOGo Connector 31.0.4 “CARDDAV”).

Calendars are no longer displayed (disabled) and reactivate fails without error!

After creating a new app-pin in Nextcloud and deleting the saved password in Thunderbird, you will not be prompted for a new one?! It seems as no connection could be established.

Little note on the edge if it’s related :eyeglasses:

When I call the calendar URL in Firefox, I get the following text:
This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client. CLEAR!

When I call the calendar URL in IE, I get the following text:
Unauthorized ?

There are no entries in the Bruteforce block list!

Maybe Thunderbird requests also receive this message?!

The sync on the mobile phone (Windows Mobile 10) works without problems!

Unfortunately, the comment out solution did not work for me, same problem :confounded:

Does anyone else have an idea?
I suspect the constellation Thunderbird Lightning & SOGo should be quite common.

The problem we fixed with 1.4.3 is only if you login on the very first time. It was a problem during initial server connection.
So if you experince problems with an existing user after the upgrade it is not the same cause.

@nickvergessen thanks for your help. Unfortunately it does not help to comment it out. Not with the carddav- caldav-sync apps neither Thunderbird.

If I open Thunderbird with Lightning already open I see for a split second that the calendars get fetched but then they get greyed out and the check disappears. Even tried it with a new calendar. No luck.

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@MeCias, @nickvergessen

I can confirm the exact same behavior!
Once activated, the calendar is displayed for one second and then immediately becomes inactive again!

And as mentioned earlier it does not help to comment it out.

It reassures me if I’m not the only one :innocent:

I hope that there is a quick solution… Thanks to all involved!

@georgehrke can hopefully debug this the coming days!


Just one info: The same problem exists with contacts over SOGo Connector 31.0.4 :slight_smile:

DavDroid (Android paid app) works flawlessy, instead Evolution mail client does not, it complains about “Data source ‘mycal’ does not support OAuth 2.0 authentication”…

Hope will be fixed soon.

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@LukasReschke You implemented the BearerAuthPlugin. Mind looking into this?

Well my hack above removes it and it still doesn’t work, so a bit odd…

People with the problem, can you post the URLs you are connecting to? Something like:


Here is a sample of the calendar links (anonymized). In my case, four calendars are created.


And a sample link to the contacts.

Thank you so much for helping :slight_smile:


When I open one of the links in Browser, there is no login or similar, but immediately the following message!


Technical details

Anfrage-ID: xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Even with the hack, the same behavior :confounded:

Ah you are using the new endpoint, not the old one. Then try the second part I added to NC12 Authentication issue with Cardav, Caldav and Sogo connector

Same problem here after update from freshly installed NC 11.0.3 to 12.0.

Thunderbird 52.1.1 (32-Bit)

Sample URL: https://domain.tld/nc/remote.php/dav/calendars/username/calendarname/

Android client 1.4.3 over DAVdroid 1.2.2-ose has no problems.



Now it becomes quite strange?! :hushed:
I made the hack “second part”. (I missed, sorry)

Now, when I call the link in browser, I get the login.
But after login I get the same message “unauthorised”.


Technical details

Anfrage-ID: xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unfortunately the connection in Thunderbird Lightning still does not work!
Same error …

My links if it helps

For Thunderbird and SoGo I always used the whole link.

For the Android carddav and caldav-sync apps I used just

the rest was automatically done by the app.

But even the whole link causes the authentication issue.