NC 24 + Collabora not working @ home

Dear all, since over an year I’m tryin’ to get collabora working again :frowning:
I’m hosting at home with my own Domain (ddclient)
I did a try with NGINX (Reverse Proxy) or Traefik - both on Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

When I start a document, it crashes on a white screen with the error: unable to load NC-Office, try again later

I’m confused, that it’s working on an external root-server (rented), but not at home behind my Router (Fritz!Box 7590 AX).

NC & Collabora are running in Docker-Containers.

Is someone able to help here? I’m really desperated with that ongoing problem.
After my latest experience, I think it’s a problem, running NC @ home??

Thanks a lot.

Please use search function there are some very valuable thread discussing this issue e.g.

once you are confident you have aright config in place please provide config extracts and logs so others can help you.