NC 20 - search for contact results in error 404 (BUG?)

Within NC 20 search for an contact - click in a contact result and face a 404 error. Other results will be displayed as usual.

system config:
Ubuntu 18.04.05
php 7.4 fpm
NC 20.0.0
NC 20.0.1

The issue you are facing:

In comparison to the other working links, the 404 error seems to be due to a missing part in the URL.
Between the domain and /apps/contacts the index.php is missing in this result category.
Interestingly, it is still present in the overview of all search results (recognizable by a mouseover/hover), but is removed when clicking on the result.

The reason is probably the search component, the Contacts App or the Rewrite contidions of the webserver.

Is this problem known and has it already occurred in other installations?

An info here would be awesome.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):

Issue opened here:

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here is some additional info from the nginx logs:
|2020-10-23 12:24:27|Access|CLIENT-IP|GET /index.php/apps/contacts/direct/UIDofCONTACT~kontakte HTTP/2.0|nginx SSL/TLS access|
|2020-10-23 12:24:27|Error|CLIENT-IP|GET /apps/contacts/Alle%20Kontakte/UIDofCONTACT~kontakte HTTP/2.0|nginx SSL/TLS access|
|2020-10-23 12:24:27|Error|CLIENT-IP|14654#0: *1838024 open() “/var/www/vhosts/VPD-Name/DOMAIN-Name/apps/contacts/Alle Kontakte/UIDofCONTACT~kontakte” failed (2: No such file or directory)|

@nextgen-networks hi there. I am running version 20.0.3 and am facing the same issue. Have you found a solution yet?

In the German section of the forum I found a thread with the same problem. @regenpfeifer tracked down the issue to a problem inside the search function. I solved the problem by updating the htaccess rules. See the link below to find the thread and the quoted solution: