Mp4 preview ffmpeg


I can’t get previews from mp4 files.

‘OC\Preview\Movie’, is enabled

The Preview Generator is installed, cron is set correctly and working. ./occ preview:pre-generate

Is it mandatory to install ffmpeg to get the preview working? My hosting don’t allow ffmpeg.


Did you try avconv instead of ffmpeg?

I have heard of remote ffmpeg thats all i know anyone else know somthing about this? If u find somthing about that u can connect to me to get your images. If it works I dont have more time over to search got work :frowning:

Yes, or avconv.

But unfortunately the preview generator does not work for mp4 files at the moment.

So I have ffmpeg installed, but am observing what you wrote: mp4 preview is stil not possible.
How can that be, it is one of the more common and older formats I’d say?!!

Maybe @rullzer can answer that question?

Using the search function helped me to find the following answer from @Sanook given on the same question a year ago: