.MOV videos can't be play on browser

Nextcloud version (eg, 10.0.2):
Operating system and version: Debian Jessie
nginx version
PHP version: 5.6
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?:

Hello all,

I’m unable to play .mov files on Google Chrome on my laptop.
However, NC app can play it on my iPhone.

How do I make it playable in the browser?


I also wonder about that. Ubuntu 16, php7, Firefox 52 on Mac

Hi @tx7,

Probably the browser doesn’t support playing back .mov files. The video player app of NC should be capable of playing quicktime videos (.mov), while it checks for this mime type as well:

mimeTypes : [

While the app is based on video.js I found an issue on Github:

There it’s said:

Video.js passes the mime type you supply directly to the browser to check if the type is supported, so if video/quicktime doesn’t work, then the browser is saying it can’t support it. Or there’s an error in the file that’s blocking playback.

So maybe it works with another browser or maybe you just need a quicktime plugin (don’t know if there is one for Chrome).

Thanks. It works with Safari!

i try this code, and played !


mimeTypeAliasses: {
‘video/x-matroska’: ‘video/webm’ // mkv support for Chrome. webm uses the same container format
,‘video/quicktime’: ‘video/mp4’ // + add this line

only iphone .mov ? :dark_sunglasses:

This change just had the result, that neither mov nor mp4 played in the NC video player. It is now offered to be downloaded.
I undid the change and can now again play mp4 on the server. But as before, mov and mkv won’t play and only through an error message, that the file type is not supported. I use Firefox 58.

i should show my environment

my nc version is 12.0.4

and player plugin version is 1.1.0

i can play chrome and firefox

Is it because of iphone’s MOV file?

i try another MOV file!

I’m running NC 12.0.5; might that be the reason it doesn’t work for me?

Another method is to convert MOV or other unsupported video files to your browser more supported video format like flv, mp4, gif, webm, ogg etc with the help of iDealshare VideoGo.

This old question has been mine too and now I decided to convert all my iphone .mov and .mp4 files. So I just installed ffmpeg and all its dependencies and the nextcloud video converter app on my debian stretch nextcloud and NAS server.
Just did that and abrakadabra - all videos are playing just fine without converting. Simple solution. I just never installed ffmpeg because it depends on X11-common, what I never wanted on a server.

@my2cents without convertion there is no fix?