Mount a second hard disk in nextcloud box?

I was thinking put a second hardsisk through usb in raspberry pi. I’m not sure if it’s possible.
I thought to add a hard disk and mount it automatically through fstab.
I was looking for the user files, but not sure where are them.

Anyone knows if it is possible?

Thanks in advance.

if i’m not mistaken, the default location for userdata in nextcloud is in /path/to/your/webroot/nextcloud/data …
so for example (if you’re using rasbian & apache) /var/www/nextcloud/data

the problem is: afaik you can only direct nextcloud to a single directory for your data. you can change that directory. has a pretty good guide on how to do that.

as for using two harddisks i’d recommend formatting them in BTRFS. BTRFS has the capability to pool your storage. So you can just add and remove harddisks. take a look at the BTRFS Wiki !