Mismatch file name between nextcloud-vue in NPM and GitHub

Hi. I was trying to import some NC components. I followed this: https://cloud.nextcloud.com/s/iyNGp8ryWxc7Efa.

But I found that there isn’t file start with ‘Nc’. Also, the files should be a .vue file because it’s a component, but in nextcloud-vue in NPM, there is no .vue file.

So how can I import NC components correctly?

Here is the documentation for nextcloud/vue: https://nextcloud-vue-components.netlify.app/#/Introduction

The usage is like most other packaged components for vue and it’s pretty simple:

import NcAppNavigation from '@nextcloud/vue/dist/Components/NcAppNavigation'

export default {
    name: 'MyComponent',
    components: {

With the code above you can add load the component NcAppNavigation in your component.

The problem is about the version. I type npm install nextcloud-vue, but the version I got is not the latest.

Please read the documentation that i linked. It clearly says:

npm i --save @nextcloud/vue

I don’t know where you found the command, but the nextcloud-vue package is marked as deprecated on the npmjs.com page so this is clearly outdated.

The package also does not contain .vue files, it contains the compiled components. Please read the documentation on how to use them.

Also note that i have updated the usage example in my previous comment. Always import the components you want to use individually, never use a generic import from @nextcloud/vue. Why can be read in this thread: How to deal with @nextcloud/vue bloat?