Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud

Thanks mvance and Jos Poortvliet, the transition from owncloud 9.0.2 to Nextcloud was easy thanks to your instructions! I want to also mention that if you changed the installation path (I changed from /var/www/owncloud to /var/www/nextcloud) then cron will need to be updated to point to the new location as well.

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That’s a real bummer. Guess I have to stay with ownCloud for now to get easy and up-to-date updates.

Here is my experience with the upgrade process:

Luckily, the system on which my OwnCloud is running, is a Raspberry, so it was pretty easy to do a full back up of the entire system before trying to upgrade. And I really needed that back up!

After I started the upgrade process as shown above, NextCould was producing tons of errors. After two more tries, each time using a fresh copy of the SD card, I gave up and decided to do an installation from scratch.

I unzipped NC to /var/www/nextcloud/, copied OwnCloud’s nginx configuration (sites-available) to a configuration file for NextCloud, changed the paths accordingly, created a new MySQL data base and let NC to it’s magic. Then I logged into NC, created the user accounts, and activated the necessary apps. After NC was up and running, I logged into the old OwnCloud, downloaded my contacts and calendars and imported them back into NextCloud. After that was done, I re-changed nginx’s configuration, so that to each synchronizing client (Android, Thunderbird, file synchronizing clients) would never notice that OwnCloud was replaced by NextCloud.

That hole procedure took me about half an hour and went pretty smoothly, while the misfired upgrade processes before took me half an hour each!

So, my recommendation to any one who is not working in an productive environment with more than 2 or 3 users, would certainly be to do a fresh installation. No offence meant, but I really think that the upgrade scripts do need medical care. This has been an issue with OwnCloud for a long time, because if you search the net you will find lots of people who had lots of problems with that before.

[quote=“John, post:17, topic:551”]When they finally learn that NC is the better choice for them (which, of course, they will undoubtly do :stuck_out_tongue: ), easy migration is still at hand.[/quote]In my opinion if “better choice” is the goal, then deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu need to be available.


Amen - but this time, I am hoping Debian/Ubuntu provide them as they our packaging efforts were a PITA in the past.


I’d like to have an “offical” statement if renaming /var/www/owncloud/ to /var/www/nextcloud

realy won’t lead to issues, as mentioned in this thread:


I did this, changing my install directory name to /var/www/nextcloud. The only issue that I had was my background task cron job was now trying to execute a file in the old directory. Once this was updated all went smoothly.

The upgrade went very well. I used the manual upgrade process from ownCloud 9.1 (deleting the specified owncloud files on my shared hosting and replacing them with the nextCloud files). I just needed to disable the maintenance mode before I could proceed with the web update. I have one question:

I have a tagspaces folder in my nextCloud folder that is currently failing the code integrity check: > There were problems with the code integrity check.
Is there a way to disable this check for the files in this folder?

It worked flawlessly for me as well.

But Contacts and Calendar still have to be enabled manually.
I really hope these will become first class citizens, as promised.

This has been a cumbersome thing from the beginning: upgrading and reenabling these two for each upgrade & release have driven me mad. I feel I have never had a simple, direct, upgrade process with owncloud.

Only solution should be to move this folder out of your nextcloudinstallation…

-> Dokumentation


Unless the packages were configured in rather stark violation of how Debian packages are supposed to be set up, an uninstall shouldn’t be deleting any configuration files (only a purge should).

This is one of the nice things about proper package management, it makes things simple without any “gotchas” for the users. I’m quite disappointed that you’re ditching the repo, it’s a major step backwards in user-friendliness, frankly (and the only thing you folks have done so far that isn’t quite reassuring and laudable).


After the migration is my app Gallery missing. I can’t found the app anymore.

I have my owncloud installation in the root of the webserver and since it is already linked to a subdomain from another hosting provider I am not sure how to change this. Is there something the tagspaces https://github.com/tagspaces/tagspaces dev can do to the files so they are for example recognized as a (special) app of nextcloud?

Just my 2 cents. At least for me the absence of supported Ubuntu/Debian packages means that Nextcloud is not a drop-in replacement for the other one. Integrating yet another new mechanism in my server admin processes is time-prohibiting for the time being.


FYI, nextcloud is now in the official Gentoo repository: nextcloud :slight_smile:


Have you checked under “Apps” that it isn’t just disbled? If it is, just click the “Enable” button next to Gallery in the apps section.

I search in mijn app list and i can’t found app Gallery. Not in installed, enabled and rest of other tabs.

What about in “Not enabled”?

As noted at Test our new work-in-progress upgrader script we do also now have a new work-in-progress upgrader that also could be used for the purpose of migrating to Nextcloud.

Testing very much welcome. :rocket:

Thant won’t be of much use I fear. If Debian packages nextcloud we’ll have packages which are years out of date in the stable distribution (probably with security patches). I guess this is fine for some use cases, but absolutely no replacement for the up-to-date packages provided by owncloud.

Can you elaborate what the problem is with the current packaging method used by owncloud?