Migrating from OC 9.1.2 (latest) to NC 10.01 - fails (common problem?)

I tried to migrate from OC 9.1.2 to NC 10.01 which fails. Error-message says something like “downgrading from nextcloud 9XX to 9XX is not possible because …”.

An yes, it says “nextcloud” there, though owncloud still was installed before…

I am migrating manually via terminal, by deleting all files and keeping config & data and copying the new NC-10-files.

Any help appreciated.

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The version string of owncloud seems to be higher than the one of Nextcloud. If you are patient, you can just wait for the next NC version 10.0.2. @LukasReschke is there a solution, we had such problems before?

The Error-message was: “cannot downgrade from to” - which this user also describes: Cannot downgrade nextcloud to [Solution]

Is it a safe solution by changing the version in the configfile or are there safer alternatives?

When will the next NC-version be released? I have already waited a few month, and I really like to migrate asap. Obviously other users who migrate from OC 9.1.2 have the same problems?


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Thnx for opening this issue. Will this problem be solved in NC 11? I think this is an important issue, since there are a lot of users who still need to migrate.

Good question. @MorrisJobke @jospoortvliet can you clarify?

I’m guessing 9.1.2 users should migrate directly to Nextcloud 11, that should work!!! @LukasReschke you know this stuff better than I do…