Migrate from ownCloud (different server)


thanks for the great information… however, I need to perform a migration between owncloud and nextcloud in differents machines… ando don’t move users, files and folders manually… some guide?

you clone the old system and migrate on the new server. or?

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HI @Juan_LoBo,

Here is some information that you may find of use dependent on your own senario, please read it to the end:

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thanks… but the new server is already configured with nextcloud, ssl, ldap and other plugins… so clone and start all over again is not an option

sure. an a third server. :wink:

Hello all,

Ok, it’s time to say goodbye to OC.

I’d like to migrate from OC 10.0.10 (php7.2) to NC. Which version of NC should i download ? i did’t see it in the many pages about migrations.

Thank you and regards


First time posting here, I have (finally) decided to make the move from OC to NC. I’m running OC 10.3.2 on CentOS 7. I’d like to migrate to NC on CentOS 8. All of the upgrade information I can find on the web and in forums pertains to OC 10.0.x and I cannot find anywhere the mapping of newer OC versions to “equivalent” NC versions. I can following the manual migration method, but need to know which NC version I should be using for the migration.

Has anyone else successfully migrated from OC 10.3 to NC? And if so, can you kindly point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

Edit: found some good info here, I think I’ll give it a try…