macOS Client with E2E?


I’m looking for a macOS version of the desktop client with E2E support.

In the download-repository here

the “Mac” folder unfortunately is empty.


Read this and the according followups:

Yes, unfortuanetly Nextcloud’s build Mac is broken, that’s why there will also be no Mac sync client with E2E enabled the next build-round. I am looking into setting up my own build Mac, to build myself an enabled client.

Hey guys.

I have 2.3.3 (build 84) and no popup to enter Security Passphrases. Works on iOS perfectly.

Any news on E2E Encryption for Mac OS Desktop client?

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Unless I’m mistaken, it’s been like 6 months since the last update of Nextcloud’s Mac Desktop client.
Is it still ‘broken’?

Will there be another offical Mac Desktop client version (with E2E support)?
BTW if you no longer plan on releasing offical versions of the Mac desktop client, please let me know in advance. I’d appreciate that very much.
Thank you.

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After months of a new MAC Client: nothing! Not a normal and nothing with an e2e Client. Is this the end of Nextcloud for MAC?

They are working on the next version and there are currently tests running:

Hi @blu-IT

Did you ever get a successful build for the Mac going for End to End Encryption?

I’m trying to get both a windows and mac client as we have staff on both Operating Systems.



Seems like they released the desktop client 2.5 (which should support E2EE) but didn’t announce it yet:

And it was announced today: