Love Nextcloud Office & seeing the progress of the OpenProject integration

The recent launch of Nextcloud Office as an elegantly integrated web office sparked our interest.

It feels like there is finally a web office solution that Nextcloud takes ownership for after trying out multiple different approaches over the last years. It works great and it feels like a long term solution for the non profit clinic I’m working for - thank you for the great software!

We’re also heavy OpenProject users and check the progress on the OpenProject integration every now and then. We’re looking forward to the next updates and are very thankful for the great work that the small team behind this integration delivers!

I know we’re not the only clinic with a tight budget that use self hosted OpenProject and Nextcloud community editions - this will make a big difference for us.


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Interested users can test Nextcloud Office at (Nextcloud Office Demo).


It dont work for beans. What is there to enjoy?

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Yes ???!!!??? Post some screenshots. And yes maybe Office 365 works better for Microsoft Office documents.

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