Linux packages status

We now have packages for all major distributions:

THANK YOU to all distribution packagers. Amazing documentation too, btw! Some good migration documentation and so on. Very nice work, showing once again the power of community!

For instructions how to convert from the ownCloud client to the Nextcloud client see here.

Feedback, updates, new packages - please let me know below and I’ll update this post.


Pinging @James_Hogarth @morph027 @ivaradi @JasonBayton @tflidd and others that care :wink:

We should perhaps keep this first post up to date and link to it from the install page. What do you think?

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I agree this topic should be kept updated. Is installation the best category? This could well sit as a how to for Linux installation

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No armhf package so far for raspberry pi, right? Anyway not necessary with nice new updater :slight_smile:.

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Only 10.0.4 from EPEL7 i Fedora –

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I thought that the point was not to use repos any longer because the updater was the right way to do it.

I have long been a proponent of repo based methods for reliability, but I have finally given up on that for Nextcloud because they chose not to do anything official with repos after leaving ownCloud.

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It’s also for the client, there repos are really useful. For the server it still can be nice but the main purpose was that NC does not have to manage the repos themselves.

@jospoortvliet: good idea to put all repos together and I agree on keeping this list updated.

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Well, speaking of the client and repos, where does chocolatey fit into the picture? Someone has submitted it there and that is awesome as I use Chocolatey to manage applications on Windows machines.

Never heard of it before but hey, it would be great to have it in there.

Note that all the packages are provided by the distributions, not us - that is how it works on Linux in general… When they are included officially (like in openSUSE, Arch) that makes it super easy to install for users.

WRT packages vs tarball with our updater, I think the updater is generally a better solution because I know and trust the team maintaining that part (us…) but of course it is totally understandable that some people prefer packages or trust their distribution to keep things up to date.

Good that there is choice!

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It is an awesome tool for Windows admins. I would suggest that you reach out to whoever put it in there to make sure it is pointing to the proper source and all that.

If you feel like it - you’re entirely welcome to help out with this.You clearly know more about this subject than I do, I’d just sound clueless :wink:

@James_Hogarth might know more about this, he’s the one doing the packaging.

Hello, I just want to tell you guys, that Nextcloud is avariable on OpenBSD-current, on the ports tree and also packages, the very last version to this point.



To confirm NextCloud 11 will be packaged for EPEL7 as the bump in PHP minimum version isn’t until NC12.

At that point I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, as I cannot use SCL in an EPEL package.

My options are:

  • To maintain 11 for as long as NC maintains support for 11
  • To retire from EPEL and see if I can maintain it as part of the CentOS SCL SIG
  • To advise people to use upstream packages, or to switch to RemiRepo, as I believe Remi will continue to maintain it on his PHP stack there using the Fedora SRPMs I’ll be generating
  • To use the upcoming Fedora nextcloud container on an EL7 box using docker/runc.

However, that decision is indeed still a little way off.

In terms of Fedora at least Nextcloud will be maintained so long as it exists :wink:

I ended up packaging NC 10 rather than the 11 build to get through the review quicker as there were some dependency issues.

You can keep track of the NC 11 status with this bug:

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Actually I’m the maintainer for this repository:

It’s very simple package for CentOS 7 which we are currently using on our project (NethServer).

I managed to make it work with php-fpm-56 from SCL.

Any developer can confirm it? The official doc says that PHP 5.6 is required for NC 11 (

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@ivaradi I just added a link to your (I think) OBS repo. A user is asking about the Dolphin integration - Client for Dolphin file manager (KDE)?