Lets Encrypt and self signed local certificate?


I have a NextCloud with Lets Encrypt certificate for my domain XZY.de.

Is it possible to create a self signes certificate for the internal IP for local access with Webdav in the same network? 192.168.xxx.xxx?

I think it will be difficult to handle two different certificates for the same server instance.

Why don’t you use the Let’s Encrypt certificate on your lan too? It only requires are correctly configured local dns service to get a different ip address returned for yor dns name on your lan than over the internet.

The following threads might provide additional information to you how this could be managed:

That should be possible with different vhost in your server configuration. You have to add the local domain to trusted_domains in config.php.

Note, that an IP is not a valid SNI. Thus there might arise problems, if not using a (local) domain name in a certificate.

no. it should work.