Jitsi Integration in Nextcloud Talk

Looks like it is installed by Docker, etc. currently. See discussion of chatbot support below… nice idea to install as an app.

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@jakob1 Theoretically yes, but because of Nextcloud’s IMHO “retro” approach of how they do apps (which is really not compatible with most modern/“cloud native” extension ideas like i.e. Kubernetes does it with APIs/gRPC) it isn’t that simple. If one where up to the task though, it would of course be possible to simply call Docker using an app and then controlling the chatbot with it, although I made an oath to never tough PHP again :wink:

Hello Guys,

i am also not impressed from Talk. If i have more than 3 or 4 Participants it is extrem laggy and the Bandwith needed on each client ist high. And i see only 5 to 6 … everone else is out of the Window ? So for self hosting it is not usable at all for me.

I played also around jitsi and setup my own Jitsi Server Instance … well performed with 10 Participants without any problems and by the way i see all Participants without problem, can choose which one should be in big or spreed all over the Window - great. Video and Sound quality was good.

So i am also interessted in an nextcloud integration as an optional Videosystem to Nextcloud Talk. If jitis is still working in the next days without problems i drop nextcloud talk because it makes no benefit for me.

Best regards Mario


All you need to get Jitsi like performance is to write an open source HPB signaling server, been working on one in my spare time. Basically just a web api and a Janus server put together.

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great - is there a gthub or gitlab repo? Are yu aware of this ongoing effort to create such an open source HPB alternative?

https://gitlab.com/powerpaul17/nc_talk_backend maybe you can join forces or at least share expriences or code

Have you seen this? Maybe you can team up:

hi pojnfx,

sorry before, i’m new in linux world , is it different between " Nextcloud Talk Bot Framework" and " Nextcloud Talk Jitsi Bot" ?
i have nextcloud, cause the current COVID-19 crisis here in my country , i thought it’s really helpfull if our own nextcloud server can integratation to own jitsi server.

i’ve just have ubuntu 18.04 with docker installed ( this is the firstime i’m installing docker ) still dunno much about docker.

please advice how can i integrate between nextcloud and jitsi, step by step if u don’t mind.

Thank You Verymuch .


Jitsi Talk Bot is for handling Jitsi calls via commands in Talk app.
Framework is for others to write their own bots, to work with videoconferencing tools and such.

It seems someone has coded the storage of Jibri (Jitsi Video calls) in Nextcloud rather than Dropbox.
Here is their script for installing Nextcloud specifically on Ubuntu LTS and here is the overall project github for setting up Nextcloud / Jibri / Google Cloud (for transcriptions).

It would be great to make this information more generically available.


Now transcriptions just need to be moved to Mozilla’s DeepSpeech :wink:

Looks do-able based on these examples. Also found these use case examples on their forum.

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I like the idea of Jitsi integration because I found it very easy to set up when I was trying it out. They provide a docker-compose file, and I already run Nextcloud, Collabora, MariaDB, Redis, and CoTURN in Docker. Would be easy to set the whole thing up together.

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I think is not possible.
Obviousely there is no signaling server supported other than the nextcloud one.

signaling server has been open-sourced in the meantime

@pojntfx so have you discontinued all work on the bot? I see it is archive-only on github. Just curious on best modern way to set this up. Thanks!

Here it was suggested to just use the external sites app to integrate a jitsi room into nextcloud Discussion: Jitsi Integration · Issue #3173 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

This works great. I found a suitable svg for the logo here https://www.svgrepo.com/svg/40483/video-chat
And I made my own white version out of it but I can’t upload svg neiter here nor in Github so I cant share it =(

(could not find b/w version of jitsi logo)

Maybe compress the svg file into a zip file? You could share the zip file then at least on github…

good idea, this link will take you to my comment with the zipped logos for external files videochat app logos:

due to server limitations I can’t support video conferencing the way I want. Talk is not delivering up to what we need.

Is it possible to integrate jitsi.me into my NC instance so I use their servers to do the heavy lifting of making multi-party video calls?

Hola que tal amigo, una pregunta, como le hiciste para hacer que se pudiera grabar la videoconferencia, tendrás alguna documentación?