Jitsi Integration in Nextcloud Talk

Matrix uses Jitsi for video and audio calling. So, implementing either could help with the other. :slight_smile:


Interfacing NC talk with SIP would enable Jitsi integration and also many other systems.

Asterisk provides a WebRTC service and SIP - this may be the shortest route. With Asterisk <-> NC Talk, you would have access to Jitsi, PSTN, SIP services plus more.

If anyone is interested in working on the NC Talk side, I can provision a test Asterisk and Jitsi to test this against (and of course publish the method).

[Edit] Jitsi SIP seems to only currently support audio, not video so the WebRTC may be the way to go. Thought also must be put to what is shared from Jitsi - if it is a conference, do all streams get sent to Talk, or a composite view of the participants, is this the speaker view or tile view etc etc.


Jitsi is a great tool for communication - if it was somehow possible to integrate the server into a nextcloud environment, that would be awsome.
Are there any chances that can be done?

I just tried out Talk and it doesn’t work at all for me. I can see other people’s names, but I cannot see nor hear them.

Please move your support request to a new post, so we can keep this thread about Jitsi. Thanks!

even better… @nextmax could use the search function … to find his answers already answered a dozen times.

Just wrote a bot: https://github.com/pojntfx/nextcloud-talk-jitsi-bot

Pretty simple to use; add the bot to the chat, type #videochat and get a link to a Jitsi meeting.


I don’t use docker and i run my own Jitsi meet server. How can i use this “bot”?

Cool, I like how you use meet.jit.so for this. Did you base it off this Telegram bot for Talk?

You all want your own cloud? But rely on an external service provider, like Jitsi.me?

I have not seen a single person mention that domain.

Jitsi is no more of an external provider than Nextcloud itself: Both code fully open source software that you are welcome to run on your own hardware in any capacity. :slight_smile:

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Alright, if someone is still interested, i just rewrote the Jitsi Nextcloud Talk bot in Go, which should make everything much faster and simpler to deploy: https://github.com/pojntfx/nextcloud-talk-jitsi-bot

I even did a short video (in German) explaining the usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahwGVSfwssM

Maybe this could be a good intermediary solution; if you want to build your own chatbots etc., the Nextcloud Talk Jitsi Bot provides a simple framework to do so if you know Golang.


I’d of course recommend you use Docker or some other CRI-compatible software (it’s 2020 after all), but if you don’t want to use it - just take a look at the Dockerfile, it explains how to build an ELF binary. You should by fine by creating say a systemd service and setting the env variables as explained in the README (the -e flags)

What’s the point in having to use docker because it’s 2020? Did I miss something?

If you run a production server and care about security, you will probably not use docker, as it still has to run as root (rootless mode isn’t yet a native and easy to use function in 2020).
Don’t be deceived by the all is easy promises. Docker can even complicate things quite a bit under some circumstances.

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I personally found investing a little time to learn docker-compose very worthwhile. I already run NC, mariadb, coturn, redis, and Collabora in Docker. I plan to try adding Jitsi soon, possibly this weekend.

Pre-tested docker-compose files can make setup very easy.

Also, take the concerns surrounding Docker and root with a grain of salt. Even on “rootless” systems there are still many processes running with root privileges, and Nextcloud’s Docker version runs as www-data inside the container.

If the founder of the project even likes the idea, why not? Another option is to integrate an Open Source SFU/MCU into Talk.

founder of nextcloud… yes. founder of talk? ummm. no. as i have learned that talk/spreedme seems to be an external software which got included to NC as an app. so founder-frank might like the idea but it seems to be out of his reach if talk/spreedme would do so…

I played a lot on Jitsi those days and i think :thinking: the Jitsi app « may » be hard to implement.

The way Jitsi implement security about room creation is akward. TL;DR everyone can access room creation and enter a room, but it’s only after that you to input credentials for using the room.
I hope dev can modify this behavior and find something simple to use and share.

I will now look on Big Blue Button to see what the software can produce.

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Might be worth looking at how the Matrix project handled it. I don’t know if it’s a deep integration, or just sort of tacked on.

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Matrix has been asked a while ago without a lot of enthousiasme. But i m sure it can be a solid killer app to use.

well you could use ldap as authentication with jitsi. it’s already built-in… so this could work pretty easy for nc, i think