Issues with

Are you aware of issues with I’m having problems since yesterday with timeouts and (very) slow download speeds like ~40kb/s. Actually this breaks my CI piplines where custom docker images are build. Tried downloading with different clients from different locations with same results :frowning:
Anything I can do? I could not find official mirrors…

Thanks, Patrick

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Yes, seen the same this morning.

@nickvergessen @tobiasKaminsky Could you please address this to the right person? Thank you.

@bleed2002 This is a user forum. You can directly contact next time. Thank you.

several other threads with the same problem/issues.

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Hey @JimmyKater which one should be used to extend the discussion? Other topics should be closed and linked IMHO.

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i think the first link… guys seem to have reseached the problem the most intense :wink:

We stay with the following issue regarding the slow download speed:

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