Issue with Cloudamo

Today I decided to try Cloudamo. I created my account, I gave them all my information, I placed my order, I paid for it and a couple of hours later they just cancelled my order and refunded my money, before I even try my first login to the service.
No explanation.
This makes me wonder what would happen if I already had all my files in their service…

I would recommend to file a ticket to clarify what happened.

Well, I dont want to know what happened by opening a ticket. I dont care what happened really.
The thing is that they should not treat customers like this. This is the message I wanted to communicate here.

This is what big tech is doing. This is what I am trying to avoid by signing up to services provided by small companies who are using open-source software.

Thanks for your response though.

Hi, can you provide us your order ID to check. We would not reject order if something was not OK, most likely it was flagged as scam, as there is larger volume of scam order attempts in last period.


Speaking about scam, I have to let you know -in good faith- that you just charged my account with $4 dolars for the… service.

I also cannot find a way to delete my account.

You are asking me for a ticket but I cannot open one without an active service…

I would seriously suggest that you should review your procedures.



sorry to hear that there are still open issues.

I would highly recommend to write your messages as PM.
The public has no benefit from conversations like this.

Thanks for understanding.


Please send email to to check this, we have over 10 000+ nextcloud clients, if there is problem, we will resolve it.


Why does Cloudamo no longer appear on ? Is it because there is no longer a free plan?

My issue with cloudamo is their support. It’s bad, wrong and slow.

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