IPad app - PDF annotation and file upload

I just bought the IPad app and from what I can tell it is pretty much useless to me. The built-in PDF reader has zero editing capabilities (no highlighting, no comment or any other sort of annotation). When I try to perform those actions in an external PDF editor (one that actually lets me change a PDF), I can’t find a way to let the NextCloud app know that the PDF file changed and needs to be synced… I finally tried the desperate move of just editing the PDF file locally and force-uploading it through the NextCloud app as if it was a new file… Nope, not even that. Files from my local IPad storage are not even listed in the drop down box on the NextCloud app.

I hope I’m doing something really wrong here, so, please, somebody correct me. I just need to annotate my damn PDFs and sync them back…

I’m also trying to figure out what possibilities for pdf annotation/editing there are in nextcloud but all I can find on this forum are lots of post with similar questions and cryptic solutions or open issues on Github.

Usually when I see this kind of silence on forums, it means either that the answer to the question is either too obvious for anybody to bother answering it or the forum is dying. Both don’t seem to be the case here, so I’m puzzled.

Not to be too drastic but I have the feeling that there was more activity over here in the past.

At least viewing PDFs is possible with Onlyoffice though. Maybe you want to give it a try.

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I am using GoodNotes and Apple Pencil on my iPad and the Workflow with Nextcloud App is okay. The Trick is to use your Nextcloud Client App and not a Webbrowser. In GoodNotes you simply export the PDF to the Nextcloud Client.