Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files

I’ve got the same problem after an update to version 13. :confused:
I did the update today. After the processing, everything looked fine until my first login. I’ve got the message “Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files”

I couldn’t fix it but it is important because I can’t access my files anymore.
What did I wrong?

Will it work again when I’ve go back to the earlier version

Unfortunately Nextcloud personnel has so many issues to resolve that it is
approx impossible this to be fixed. Your best lack is to install it again
or have a backup.

I am searching for a better more stable solution and as i see seafile is
one of them.

I’ve fixed it with a complete re-upload of all data (luck I had a full backup) for my user and have to do it for the other users as well. I’ll try to avoid to update in the future or will not use the encryption anymore. For long-term, I think about to use another solution as nextcloud. The risk is too high to lose all data. :cold_sweat:

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One of the biggest problem NC has is the update/upgrade procedure. I understand the difficulties but for the solution to be used with trust from the beginner until the pros it must be flawless and with an easy way to revert back.

As i see seafile is one option. Will test it as soon as possible.

Hm, are you using the docker process or the tar file process for upgrades? IMHO the web updater will never work properly. And Linux packages will also have their own issues … besides that there are no official once.

No not docker. Web updater and cli to update the instance.
Will try seafile very soon but one of my concerns is that its not 100% open source.

Got the annoying message after the upgrade on my FreeBSD VM: Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files.

Stupid me can’t find where to set it or turn it off… No impact to file access, just the message on the web interface.

Same here. Enabled the “Default encryption module” and “End-to-End Encryption” module after installing NC13 but can’t use them. I get above mentioned error message and in “Security” settings I’m asked to enter my old password:

Your private key password no longer matches your log-in password.
Set your old private key password to your current log-in password:

No clue, what they mean by old password. Can’t remember any and I’m sure i did not change my password at all. But I even get this message for newly set-up accounts. Thus I suppose this is a bug. Hope a solution will come soon.

Correct. It appears on new account I just created for my daughter. I’ve never enabled encryption on mine. Have you saw any bug ticket on this? Don’t want to duplicate.

Honestly, I didn’t even know where to post bug reports. Was hoping Nextcloud developers would read this and fix the problem. But just had a look and found the issue tracker on Github. Entering the error message displayed in the title of this thread did not bring up anything. Posted a bug report here:

Thanks. I’ll hold off on mine.

Slightly OT:
If memory serves me correct that was supposed to be fixed in 12.0.2 (?).
@LukasReschke feel free to correct me.

Both of those choices would be … bold. Not updating and potentially get pwned by a long fixed vulnerability.
So what’s your threat model? Why do you use encryption in the first place?
I’m all for it, but the server side encryption bit me in the ass a couple of times. I abandoned it long ago.

Privacy for a multi user Nextcloud instance or protection against someone physically reading from your drives?

Kudos for that. Everyone should, most people don’t.
Consider duplicity or rclone for encrypted off-site backups. Don’t invoke the wrath of lady luck.

well NC will we have any solution for this problem?
Its affecting many users and you should be paying attention to it.

I would like to inform future users of NC to NOT use the encryption because NC needs still a lot job to be done to use it in production and be stable and easy do correct any problems.

Waiting for your solution,
Thank you.


Hi! Same with my nextcloud "Falscher privater Schlüssel für die Verschlüsselungs-App. Bitte aktualisiere Deinen privaten Schlüssel in Deinen persönlichen Einstellungen um wieder Zugriff auf die verschlüsselten Dateien zu erhalten."
I’d really like to get rid of this.
Does someone know a solution? Or a workaround?
I really would like to read and test.

No, no solution or responces. I have left it that way and continue work it
like that. No affection at all with my installation. But wheeeen i find
time i will do a new install and move everything there if until then I
don’t find another more stable solution :wink::grin:

Same problem with a complete new installation auf nextcloud 13.0.1

Same, new install of NC -13.0.1- when I put the passwords in, the status changes to “Saving” but will not actually update, so this can’t be resolved.

Same here with a new install of Nextcloud 13.0.2…

NC don’t even blink about this problem. Don’t bother or spend your time. Stick to version 12 better.

NC needs a rolling release schema this update thing is…

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I have the same problem, but I’m not sure if I had this after upgrade from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2 or after I did some disabling/enabling apps.
At least after disabling Default encryption module, I don’t get that line.
And I have never encrypted any files…