Installing Nexcloud 12 on Pogoplug (Marvel 88F6192)?

I’m interested in installing nextcloud server on Pogoplug POGO-V4-A1-01 device for home use as a “private cloud” and personal backup/file sync solution. I don’t anticipate heavy usage and primary scenario would be backing up media from a couple of mobile devices.
They cost less than $10, are based on Marwell Kirkwood SoC with 128 Mb RAM + 128Mb Flash and provide USB to plug in external HDD and SD card. I’ve seen reports of people removing original proprietary FW, installing Arch linux and playing around w/these boxes. Here’s full chip spec

So apparently while they satisfy min RAM requirements it can be quite tricky to get nexcloud up and running on this hw.
Thoughts? Is it possible at all? Have anyone tried to do this already?

NC runs on a Raspberry already and the performance is not mind-blowing. For single user or a couple of users this might be a good start but the hardware is somehow limited and it has 1 GB of RAM (you can use a real database, caching, …), so many people consider using a more powerful ARM board:

Now, 128 MB is the absolute minimum. So it might be technically possible but why? Performance will be very bad. If you use at least a RPi3, it’s slightly more expensive, you get already working images, a lot of documentation and a large user base.

Thank you for the link, yeah I anticipated degraded performance but just was curious if anyone experimented with any other off-the-shelf solutions apart from RPi and abovementioned box is what I have at my disposal…
My ultimate goal would be to get some kind of “turn on and forget” solution with end-to-end encryption (with v.13), aesthetically pleasing look, low power consumption and sufficient reliability which can be used for home backups instead of dropbox/box/gdrive with both sensitive info from my computers and photo uploads from my mobile devices.

here is my question. is there a way to host the website online at a free or cheap webhosting service site and have it link to the pogoplug for storage?

In theory possible if you can access to your pogoplug via webdav, sftp, … any supported external storage. However, free or very cheap webhosting services come with very little power and then accessing through a third connection with possibly slow upstream, I wouldn’t do that. If you still use this at home and want something, use a cheap hardware device at home and connect the storage of your pogoplug.

I would first try a local setup in a virtual machine, if you manage to set it up with your pogoplug and if you are happy with it.

so your saying that if in theory it worked all the traffic would have to go through the website and couldn’t just be like a pointer or redirect to the data and network speed of my internet.

The traffic goes through your Nextcloud server. There shouldn’t be a bottle neck between the external storage and your Nextcloud server.

from what you were saying i thought it sounded like speed maybe a problem

Yes, could be a problem. The running time of scripts in shared hosting environments is normally limited (especially in cheap or free offers) and you don’t have terminal access to run an upgrade without the risk of running into timeouts. Adding another layer that could slowdown everything, won’t help either. Other speed improvements like caching and so on are probably not available, … if you want to sync only your contacts and calendar and a couple of files, it can be enough.

If you want it cheap, I’d use a solution at home (Raspberry or better ARM device, intelNUC, …) or then at least a vserver. They are not that expensive and give you more control over your setup.

thank you for the info. i have lots of ways from vm to old computers but i really have never played with small low powered headless linux boxes and the pogoplug is something i have just laying around so this was more of trying to see what i could do with Debian or Arch on a pogoplug. i know i could get a file server running on it but i didn’t think it could handle the workload of nextcloud so i just wanted to see if i could offload some of the workload. thought it maybe cool to get a free web host to do some of the php work and then just have the pogoplug serve files to it.