Installation NC17 on Debian 10 and transfer the data folder to the NAS


I’m sorry, but I’m new and dumb in Linux.
I really need Nextcloud to be able to do my hobby. I searched a lot, tried to install it about ten times, of which I managed to install only from the snap package, but I can’t connect external storage with it - smbclient not install.
Friends, help me find good instructions on installing Nextcloud 17 on Debian 10 or another operating system that is more suitable.
The second problem, on my mini computer, the hard drive is only 20GB. But I have a 4TB NAS. Please explain how to keep the WEB interface on the mini-computer, and transfer the data folder to the NAS.

I would be grateful to everyone for any hint. I really really need this.

As you understand, I don’t really speak English, so I use a translator - I hope he didn’t let me down :slight_smile:

Can we do it step by step?
First of all, Debian 10 is a very good system to run Nextcloud. So the first step would be to install it on your mini computer.

What is that computer, is it a kind of raspberry pi?

the how to:

or the lasy way:

but you still need some basic understanding what you get after you run my playbooks. in case of maintenance. aka the system is f*cked up.

mount a NAS share to /var/nc-data.

Debian is a fine system for the server.

The specific steps for the data folder depend on the protocols supported by the NAS (iSCSI, SMB, NFS). But ultimately what you’ll do is mount it to a folder in Debian (e.g. /srv/nextcloud/data) and then place the data folder there.

Personally I run Nextcloud in docker-compose. Although it also lacks smbclient by default, unlike snap, it’s possible to add it. Installation and upgrades are also pretty easy.

So, what’s this hobby that needs a 4 TB NAS?

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I’m engaged, or rather I’m more likely to learn how to edit and color video. Unfortunately, this takes up a lot of space - 10 minutes of raw material at about 64Gb.

I know for sure that the folders are opened via SNB, but just in case I have NAS Synology, maybe it has other protocols.

If it does not bother you, then you can tell where to find the necessary information, please.

Thank you :pray:

I think this is what you’re looking for as far as the SMB share mount.

just as an aside: if you try to edit video via a nextcloud-instance (davfs(?)) that has its data mounted with CIFS/smb from some NAS this might be very painful. it might be easier with two new harddisks (one in the box, one outside the box for backups).

I managed to install on Ubuntu 18.04, thanks for the help.
I can’t just find an article about transferring the data folder to a folder on the NAS. Google issues articles about porting to an external hard drive - Moving "data" folder to a new location (external HDD)

But how to transfer information to the NAS via SMB :frowning:

What have i done so far

I mounted the shared folder located on the NAS by editing fstab
sudo nano / etc / fstab

In the end, I did it
UUID = 62ed7c39-a442-4d4b-8a7d-74580ce21c22 / ext4 defaults 0 0
/swap.img none swap sw 0 0
// / mnt / nextcloud-data cifs username = nextcloud, password = hjjGGFVngy780d, domain = WORKGROUP, vers = 1.0 0 0

Then I tried to assign rights
chmod 0770 / mnt / nextcloud-data /
Then assign rights to www-data
chown -R www-data: www-data / mnt / nextcloud-data /
But getting an error
chown: changing ownership of ‘/ mnt / nextcloud-data /’: Permission denied

When copying files from Nextcloud to this folder, a Permission denied error falls out on some files

I tried to add to fstab
// / mnt / nextcloud cifs username = nextcloud, password = hjjGGFVngy780d, domain = WORKGROUP, uid = 33, gid = 33, dir_mode = 0770, file_mode = 0770, iocharset = utf8, sec = ntlm 0 0
I found on this forum, but the folder does not connect to it at all.

Tell me where to dig, how to transfer the data folder to a folder on the NAS.