Impossible to open documents with Collabora


I can’t make Collabora works with my NextCloud instance: when I load a document, I get the “Failed to load document” error message.

I have NextCloud & Collabora installed on the same server using Docker containers & nginx reverse proxy as described on this image: Nextcloud in Docker with Collabora Code - #7 by wwe
=> Nginx is handling the SSL certificates and proxy throught the Docker containers via HTTP.

I’ve set the following configuration in Admin > NextCloud Office > Use your own server : (note the https here)

Saved with error: Collabora Online should expose the same protocol as the server installation. Please check the ssl.enable and ssl.termination settings of your Collabora Online server.

Collabora is indeed running with sss.enable=false and ssl.termination=true. What configuration should I set in NextCloud for avoiding this notification?

Furthermore, when I try to load a document, I get message “Failed to load document”. When inspecting the browser’s console, I found out that it tries to load the collabora script using http instead of https: (mixed active content) « (note the http here instead of https).

Can anyone enlight me on what’s wrong here?

please review Nextcloud Collabora integration

Thanks for your help.

I’m quite stuck on that point:

verify “Allow list for WOPI requests” entries. empty the list for testing then add IPs as needed

Where exactly is this done? I’ve seen this warning somewhere in the web pages, but I can’t find out where should I set that “Allow list”

Otherwise, all the other checks are OK.

EDIT: The allow-list is in the admin page, just have to scroll down to the Advance settings.


After inspecting the /hosting/discovery page of my Collabora, I found out that all the urlsrc are set as http instead of https.

Yet, I’ve used the following doc to setup the Collabora container: Proxy settings — SDK documentation
and set ssl.enable=false and ssl.termination=true maybe those options are not well configured.

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Ok, indeed, ssl.termination were not well configured due to a typo.

I have no more the mixed active content error.

But now, I just have a FAILED error in the console that seems to be originated from here: richdocuments/Office.vue at main · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub

The issue was coming from Collabora config: the alias groups were not correctly configured (Configuration — SDK documentation).

Problem resolved. It works now.

Thanks wwe for your help.

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