I can't update the version Nextcloud 27.1.0 RC3

I can’t update the version.
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Apache + PHP 8.1.23

It’s an artifact of running an RC release.

No it’s not an artifact of running an RC release. I’ve never ran a RC release and found this while trying to update from 26.0.6 to 26.0.7

Edit: Just delete them or move them out of the way:

cd /var/www/nextcloud
mv -t /home/user/your_chosen_backup_folder composer.json package-lock.json package.json composer.lock
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Same issue when updating from 26.0.6 to 26.0.7. I’ve never even remotely touched a RC release.

Not quite. https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-27.1.0.zip contains these files. They are in 27.1.1 as well.

I just deleted those files and then the update works. So far I’ve not encountered any issues afterwards