I cant install the nextcloud through th cPanel?

hello im trying to install the nextcloud on my domain in the cPanel and i get error

The following errors were found :

PHP version is less than the required 8.0.0
Do you wish to enable PHP 8.0.30 ? (Might cause issues with your existing installations).

but im on PHP 8 so i dont understand what to doin order to use nextcloud.
i dotn see it ofcourse in the cpanel

Hi I’ve created the account and I’m using the softaculous with cPanel
Whenever I try to log in and use it with the Liu i to my account in cPanel I get error with my user or password
I asked this few days ago and no one respond.
I have sent emails to you no reply
Can someone please tell me why I can’t login to use next cloud

hello @wizi welcome to the community :handshake:

please avoid double posts - this forum is driven by volunteers in their spare time - polluting the community with new threads is discouraged.

The reason for missing reaction migt be a sign you are asking for a topic not often used. Especially in case of sharedhosting you better ask your hosting company for support: